SideQuesting in July: Red Faction: Guerrilla

SideQuest of the Month (SQotM) is a new feature that we’re starting here at SideQuesting. The basic premise is that we, as a staff, we’ll be picking a game around this time each month to be the Official SideQuest of the Month for the next month, giving you guys some time to pick it up, or think about getting it. Throughout the month, we’ll be playing the game, and we encourage you to seek us out online, and jump in a game with us.

Now, seeing as almost all the staff have this game, for the month of July, the Official SideQuest of the Month will be
Red Faction: Guerrilla Here are the deets:

Console: Xbox 360 LIVE
People playing it:

Yaniv- Kapitan Kramer
Mike Wehner- DeltaP42
Mike McGarrigle- BOM 2wheeler
Aaron Mazza- thedarthmazza
Dali Dimovski- Kewlrats

Send us a message, or friend request, and find us online!

Author: YanivP

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