Guess How Much 50 Cent’s First Game Is Worth


We’re fans of video games based on rapper’s alter-egos named after small sums of American currency, just like everyone else. Despite that, we didn’t find 50 Cent’s first true game effort, Bulletproof, to be a groundbreaking endeavor, or even a very enjoyable one.

A rap artist’s first video game is always a little rough around the edges. The proof of that can be found in Eminem’s first gaming foray Manufactured Anger, and of course we all remember Snoop Dogg’s less-than-stellar Sperm Count Homicide, but we expected more from “fiddy” (we can call him that because we’re tight, yo).

50 Cent: Blood On The Sand rectified the errors of its predecessor and hemorrhaged bonus points until we were all grinning like idiots. Given that, shouldn’t the grandaddy of 50’s games be treated with a little more respect than Amazon’s new trade-in service is offering?

I mean sure, it’s hilarious that 50 Cent’s game is worth 50 cents, but we expected a tad larger show of gratitude to the game that paved the way for the number one attacker-chopper-boss-killing simulator on the market. Shape up Amazon, or imma’ ice ya!

Author: Mike Wehner

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