Video Game Business Cards

I had always wondered about the lives of video game heroes and villains before they hit the small screen, thrown into circumstances sometimes beyond their control.

Were they good people?  Family men & women?  Did they work hard, or were they easy-going?

It can be hard to tell, and we rarely ever see that side of these people we control.  Sometimes the most interesting story is the mundane one: did they do their job good?  What did they have for breakfast?  Did they drink decaf or regular coffee? I took a little bit of time tonight and created some simple representations of their possible mundanity, hoping to minimally flush out their work lives in the only way I know possible: business cards.

Some of the cards are quirky, some are semi-professional.  All of them are slight representations of what these heroes and villains would do during the day (or night) before they were thrust into the spotlight.

[Update: Thanks to the folks who’ve pointed out a couple errors.  I’ll fix them in the next batch of cards.]

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

Dali is the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of SideQuesting, as well as the co-Founder of CarDesignFetish and the founder of MakLink. Dali is also a car designer, deejay, and introductory beer-brewer.

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  • There’s something about the Dr. Wiley card that makes me really happy.

  • steven

    These are some great cards. I hope you make some more.

    Maybe Lara Croft from tomb raider
    Samus from metroid
    or shion uzuki from Xenosaga

  • I would like one for Phoenix Wright!

  • Joe

    I’d love to see a Solid Snake buisness card.
    Or maybe Link?

    Anyway, these are great! Love ’em!



  • Grant

    These are great! Absolutely love the Gordon Freeman one :p

    Would love to see one for a member of Star Fox, Sonic or maybe even Commander Shepard

  • Everybody knows Mario was from Brooklyn…. Look at the SMBSS

    OO even the Super Mario 64 Official Players Guide.

  • Al

    Samus is the red one with the faint image of her helmet.

    I for one want a Kerrigan, pre-or-post Zerg, and a TF2 Medic.

  • James

    Isn’t John-117’s (aka, Master Chief) rank….Master Chief?

  • Yes, it is. I’ll make the change when I update the cards tomorrow. :) Thanks for the info!

  • Thanks for the info! I’ll make the change when I update the cards tomorrow. :)

  • Jason

    The black mesa logo is wrong, if anybody didn’t notice

  • Got it. Will fix it in the next batch. Thanks!

  • Mama Mia! Thanks a lot. I owe you an authentic Brooklyn Pizza slice!

  • Really neat idea. Thought I’d help out on the Master Chief’s card.

    The name and rank should be “Spartan 117 (John)” and “Master Chief Petty Officer”

    And the phone number really should have some 7s in it or have each part of the number sum to 7 or 117.

    For the email address, I would use something like the UNSC service number. Thing is, the service number was never published for Spartans. So, I’d make something up, using his Spartan number as the suffix.

    Again, really neat idea.

  • These cards are designed really well Dali! Excellent job! Very simple but with impact!

  • Very well made cards. And of course, Mario is a plumber. Can’t quite see Pac-man in the courier service though. But hey, very good interpretations! Nice post.

  • Thanks! I’m going to be updating these (to make them more true to the character details) and making a few more as well.

    Keep the suggestions coming. :)

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