The Evening Report: Canadian Takeover Edition


Hah! You all think you’re so great, being at PAX East and having fun, playing games, seeing live podcasts and panels. I bet you think you’re having the time of your life down there with all your friends and peers. Well I’m still here, writing up this Evening Report. It’s all mine. I can cover whatever I want, because there’s nobody left to read it. So hold on to your asses, readers, because this Report is going to be a journey into madness. Bear witness to the esoteric tastes of news and tidbits that I think you should be reading.

There’s a good chance some of you in England aren’t at PAX either, and as a Canadian I feel like we Commonwealth countries should stick together in these dark, desperate times. Thankfully Warner Brothers Interactive, GAME, and GameStation have your backs in the best possible way. Do you like Mortal Kombat? Do you like massive arcade cabinets? Do you like PS3s?

You should peep this contest to win all of that.

Source: Joystiq

That one was for you, readers; this next one is for me. IGN has a look at Nocturne, the newest champion soon to be released in Riot Games’ League of Legends, one of my definitively favorite games. Since that sentence pretty much covers everything you need to know, the rest of this space is dedicated to telling you to leave comments on this article if you want to team up and play some games for fun. I’ve been on a Miss Fortune kick as of late.

Source: IGN

Bastion, the upcoming title by new studio Supergiant Games finally has a publisher and platform. Warner Brothers Interactive has partnered up with the studio to publish the title on Xbox Live Arcade and PC later this year, and that’s just dandy. No joke: I’ve been incredibly excited for Bastion since I first laid eyes on it months ago. It’s going to be an awesome experience.

That wasn’t for just me, or just you. That one was for all of us. Because we deserve it.

Source: Supergiant Games

Giant Bomb’s Ryan Davis has an awesome interview with guys at Double Fine about their new hotness, a downloadable third person tower defense alternate reality World War 1 mech shooter called Trenched. Read that again, because that is possibly the greatest combination of game elements ever smooshed together, and it sounds like all that can be yours.. later this year.

Source: Giant Bomb

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