The Evening Report: Suffering the GDC Edition


Today is the first day of GDC. A time when most outlets are publishing an abundance of stories with usually too few writers. Their days are pressed, and you guys have a hard time keeping up with all of that sweet, sweet nerd info. Have no fear, for I am here to waste spend my evening searching all of the sites to make sure you don’t miss the most important stories. Shall we proceed?

You know how Steam basically is PC gaming? Well, they have plans for improving it beyond its already immense capabilities. Today Valve announced plans to add “big picture” mode to Steam. “Big Picture” mode is simply Steam for your television, including controller support. As someone that games with their PC connected to their TV now and again, I really like this move. Expect to hear more over the next couple of days as GDC rolls on.

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What is the one video game you always thought should be transformed into a movie? I bet you didn’t say Devil May Cry. Kyle Ward, the relativity unknown writer has been hired by purchaser Screen Gems to pen the regaling story of Dante. As a fan of the anime as well as the games, I am hopeful as to what can be made with the universe. However, I know how all video game movies turn out, so I am also worried. Whatever, it will be two years before it is released anyway. We can worry about it then.

Source: Joystiq

Hopefully stores in Europe aren’t running low on PS3s any time soon, because they will have a hard time resupplying for at least the next ten days. This is due to all shipments being held up by customs because of a preliminary injunction against Sony by LG. LG says Sony went against the licenses in the use of Blu-Ray tech that they have inside of the Playstation 3. If you want one in North America, get one now, as LG is seeking a similar injunction for our market. Sony, shockingly had no comment on the situation. That is definitely an M. Knight Shyamalan style twist.

Source: Destructoid

This may be one of the most badass teaser trailers I have seen in awhile. Regardless of the game I would want to see the full property. It being a teaser for Ninja Gaiden 3 only makes me more excited. This video, put out by Team Ninja, promises a full reveal at E3 2011. I wait with baited breath.

Source: The Shack

Finally, I didn’t want to write anything about it as it is somewhat spoilery, and I don’t want to be spoiled or spoil anything in Portal 2 for anyone. So click this link at your own risk to find out a possible hint at Half Life 2: Episode 3 inside Portal 2.

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