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May 22, 2011

El Shaddai Release Date Announcement, Art Book, Soundtrack, and Demo for North America Coming Soon

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Written by: Ryan Gan

While recording the first episode of The Main Quest, Ignition’s Shane Bettenhausen provided us with some fresh details regarding El Shaddai in North America.  Bettenhausen said that a North American release date will be announced some time this week (as early as Monday).  He also stated that a demo would be coming very soon and that a comic (potentially available digitally on iTunes as well) would be out between now and the game’s release, further flushing out the story of Ennoch and Lucifel.

Although his hints are vague, with respect to time, the existence of a localized digital comic and North American demo give us a peek as to how El Shaddai will be marketed in the states.

[Update: It is the El Shaddai soundtrack appearing on iTunes, not a digital comic. However, an art book is also currently being evaluated/planned]

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  • Turk

    So where is the release date announcement? Such a dumb article, I had hoped to find out the release date, but all you said was stating how the developper will give a release date soon, epic fail.