Review: The Hangover Part II (Film)

You have RSVP’d for and are now confirmed for the following movie screening:
The Hangover Part II
Monday May 23, 2011 at 7:30 PM
Uptown Palladium 12
250 North Old Woodwards
Birmingham, MI 48009

Receiving that email made me explode in happiness.  I was, and to this day still am, a massive fan of the original Hangover, a cinematic tribute to the existential bonds between men during difficult and trying times. Upon being notified that I was confirmed to attend yesterday’s special Detroit screening of the sequel, sponsored by and several local firms, I was understandably ecstatic.

To try and put my experience to words would be difficult, but know this: the outcome was as beautiful and memorable as anything that Hollywood has created before.


From the moment I entered Birmingham’s Uptown Palladium I knew this would be a special night. Firstly, arriving close to ten minutes before the event assured me that yes, the lengthy line I was witnessing was indeed for the premiere.  I walked to the front of the line and engaged the superb ticket-checking character actor. “I have a pass for me +1. Thanks!” My performance as the lead character was off to a great start.  My enthusiasm, my panache for grand entrances… WOW! It was truly going to be a tremendous performance!

The hulking guard was a classic Hollywood stereotype: larger than anyone else in sight, definitely on the “I’m completely qualified to have this job” level.  “It’s overbooked, and I don’t think anyone else is going to be let in.” The actor clearly pushed the agenda, accenting that there may NOT be a predictable end to this day!  Would I wait in line?

Before that part of the question was answered, however, the secondary actors appeared: Girl in line complaining loudly to her boyfriend. Floor manager screaming into her walkie-talkie. Overweight and ornery Sevendust-elitist who “knows Russell” — complete with mullet chops!  Brilliant!  The scene’s casting was beyond expectation, with all pieces working together like a Deep Blue versus Kasparov rematch.

The climax of the experience came roughly twenty-five minutes in when, after Line Guard had disappeared up the escalator and Loud Girl deemed the situation “ballstastic” and left, Sevendust waged war on the floor manager for allowing others to go up to the screening for the Jewish Film Festival, when they were clearly “trying to sneak into the Hangover“.  The moment was much like the scene in Hamlet where the Prince of Denmark himself speaks to the skull of Yorick, but, alas, Claudius today would not be slain for his sins.  There was no advance.  None of the characters would make it to their destination, some three floors above and in front of a glowing screen.

I was half-expecting the experience to be over without storyline closure.  That is, until the remainder of the 1.5 hours that was spent on the drive home — to the wonderfully orchestrated soundtrack of Lady Gaga and Robin Thicke, nonetheless!  But there was a twist, a cinematic irony so epic that it would make the first film’s “he was on the roof all along” seem mild by comparison.  Upon looking down at my pass, my golden ticket, my salvation for a Detroit evening, the fine-printed words “This event is overbooked to assure a full theater” glared out at me like a sunrise over the Himilayas. AMAAAAZING! Had I looked down all along, I would have known! “You must arrive early.” WOW!  Dan Brown could not have prepared such a revelation had he been locked in the Sistine Chapel with Jesus and Buddha for 18 months!

Bravo, Gofobo! Bravo Uptown Palladium!  This experience topped that of the first Hangover, where I was able to “sit inside a theater and watch the movie”, without a wisp of hesitation. If you’re a fan of waiting in long Apple lines, only have your hopes crushed when the grandmother in front of you scores the last iPad 2, then this experience is above and beyond for you. You will NOT be disappointed!


We rate this experience 5 Stars, our highest honor! It is well scripted, full of emotion, and had terrific characters!

(Conversely, we rate the film ZERO STARS, for being treated to asinine planning and poor customer service.)

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

Dali is the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of SideQuesting, as well as the co-Founder of CarDesignFetish and the founder of MakLink. Dali is also a car designer, deejay, and introductory beer-brewer.

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