Swag Friday: Win Portal 2 for the console of your choice! [Update]

Portal 2

[Update: We have a winner!  Close to 400 entries later, our winner was via Twitter!  Congrats, @Diemer!]

By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard of, played, or fallen in love with Valve’s Portal 2.  We have.

But, if for some strange reason you HAVEN’T, then now is your chance to avoid awkward E3 conversations and win a copy for yourself courtesy of us.  We’re going to give you 6 chances to enter, too!


Chance 1-3: Enter below by telling us what you would love to see in Portal 3, if Valve ever decides to make it.  Enter up to once per day from Friday, May 27th until Sunday, May 29th.

Chance 4-6: Follow our Twitter account (twitter.com/sidequesting) and tweet the following message, up to once per day from Friday, May 27th until Sunday, May 29th:

Follow @SideQuesting and RT for a chance to win a copy of Portal 2!  http://bit.ly/lk6nDB  #sqportal2


Contest rules:

  • Contest starts Friday, May 27th, ends Sunday, May 29th at 11:59PM PDT.
  • Can leave up to one comment per day on the blog, or one tweet per day via Twitter
  • Winner announced on Monday, May 30th
  • First-place winner receives a copy of Portal 2 for the platform of their choice
  • Open to US residents only
  • Please see our official Contest Rules for more information.


Author: Dalibor Dimovski

Dali is the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of SideQuesting, as well as the co-Founder of CarDesignFetish and the founder of MakLink. Dali is also a car designer, deejay, and introductory beer-brewer.

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  • Bipple

    4 or more player multiplayer!

  • Nicole

    The option to choose what color your portals are <3<3<3 Awesome contest!!

  • Rob hestar

    I would love to see more co-op missions With Atlas and P-body.The co-op was amazing,but it was so short,or maybe me and my friend just didn’t want it to end..

    In portal 3 I would love to see a new main protagonist..I mean,they do have 1000’s to choose from ..Let Chell live in peace with the companion cube!!! :P.

  • Cross platform play PC to Xbox

  • Can Portal 3 be third person so I don’t have to O.D. on motion sickness medication to play it?

  • Giovanni Savarese

    What do I wanna see in Portal 3D, Well you guess it baby 3D! I really don’t know what to say because Portal 2 was amazing I don’t see what they can add.

  • Virtuous Lumox

    For Portal 3 I would like co-op to have a better, deeper, longer storyline. The co-op story in Portal 2 just seemed to be there, not necessary like the SP story.

  • ItsPirrip

    In Portal 3 I want more exploration for sure. The game lets you run around a little bit, but I would love to where other test went or maybe explore more of Aperture Science’s offices. Oh, and zombies.. and Team Deathmatch Multilayer as well as Co-Op the story with other players online, I certainly know that if I win, I’ll be needing a hand :)

    I tweeted the following:

    I also follow you guys on Twitter!
    I’m @ItsPirrip and I’m entering to win a PS3 copy of the game!

    Really wanna win this game :)

  • Mitchell

    More robots

  • arctic00

    Valve should add rainbow portals where players can find pots at gold at the other end!

  • XFactor

    Everything they cut from Portal 2, like the other types of gels

  • Jeffrey Abt

    Honestly, if they can keep the Portal atmosphere going, I’d be happy with that. Valve is better at this idea thing.

  • Skrams

    I’d like to see more gels. Like the walking on walls gel they described. Or more use of the gels. You only bounced off walls once really. All others were just ramped blues.

  • Kat

    It would be cool to see if Portal 3 with more multiplayer

  • Rhu

    I’d like to see the outside world, and GLaDOS with her army of robots out in the world as well trying to “expand” her testing abilities with other humans. Of course this is where you step in to try to stop her, not escape her.

  • ropes

    I would like to see a Portal vs Portal match where your goal is to trap the enemy in a select area in teams of 2 vs 2.

  • Ritchie

    I guess a competitive multiplayer mode would be neat if done properly

  • Kisuke Urahara

    For Portal 3 I would love to see open-ended levels/puzzles. Maybe some puzzles can be avoided/skipped, but it leads you to a whole new set of puzzles.

  • If Valve ever makes Portal 3 I will like to see a longer single and co-op campaign and more cool elements. I do not want to see any multiplayer as Portal is a campaign based game and I want Valve to concentrate on what makes Portal fun.

  • Volcombrandon

    everything is just AMAZING in the portals, i’d love to see more puzzles of course maybe some new bad guys. Different blocks and such. Maybe even a different weapon? who knows! Also i’d love to see it as more multiplayer for more friends to join! thanks

    Twitter: @volcombrandon

  • okiraan

    As said above, I’d like Value to keep refining the game play and setting.

  • I would love to see the handheld portal device used to deploy other items such as the various gels.

  • themaster20000

    I would like to see newer features in the third.

  • Andrew

    I’d like to see them have portals where you can control their relative orientations. I’m sure they can come up with puzzles where the proper choice, along with your momentum going in, will be important.

  • Kuanping Yu

    I am hoping for the ability to have a portal map editor for the console versions too.

    I want it for the Xbox 360.

  • VeridisQuo1

    I would love to see enemies carry a portal gun and turn the tables on the player. And it would be awesome if they could use the enemies to solve more complex puzzles. I need a challenge!

  • cedekane

    Simply put…naked ladies.

  • Dave

    Not sure what I’d like to see added.

  • Jonathan S.

    I’d like to see a competitive co-op where you are both in a singler player level, but you aim to sabotage the other player by putting a portal in front of them and have them spawn at the beginning of the map.

  • Doug M.

    Large scale multiplayer , creating a world in itself

  • nygfan

    I’d like to see Portal 3 add co-op with zombies

  • In Portal 3 I would like to see a competitive factor somehow. Whether it be racing against an AI opponent,or against a friend, using portals to throw your rival into a pit just to get a head would be fun. Could definitely see it just turning into an endless match of shooting portals at each other though ;)

  • LoganDX

    I want to see a horrible cross-breed of Chell and GlaDOS. Tweeting as @LoganDX

  • Panda Pajamas

    I’d like to see additional types of portal guns.

  • Velikost

    I’d like to see more co-op stuff in Portal 3; more levels, and possibly different modes, if possible!

  • Dan Diemer

    More crazy stuff that would be gimmicks to anyone else. Valve is the Pixar of game developers.

  • if Valve decide to make a Portal 3. I think it would be interesting to see Chell and GLaDOS work together in a few missions.

  • I’d like to see more co-op missions.

  • Coco

    More multiplayer would be cool

  • Phillip

    Can’t really say because I haven’t had to play Portal 2 yet. :(


  • Rechee

    I would love to see 4-player multiplayer.

  • Ignatiusthan

    For me, it might just be a solid crossover with the Half Life universe.

  • Alchemistlord

    Some sort of chaotic multiplayer mode like the one that they were planning for Portal 2, but that eventually got cut.

  • mike

    not sure havent played it. maybe this will be chace! :)

  • Heather

    Even more story and humor is all I can really ask for.

  • Kuanping Yu

    I am hoping for the ability to create more than two portals at once.

  • I’d also like Portal 3 to be in full stereoscopic 3D! Haha

  • Renee


  • MackSlappy

    I would love to be able to make my own levels on the Xbox 360

  • I would also like to see some construction going on with portals as the tools. Maybe have some large platform that you have to push through a portal to end up in a different area, and then cut it in half when you take the portals away. Likewise you could have to put a machine together by gathering parts that are immovable except by portals.

  • Dan Diemer

    DØg from HL2

  • okiraan

    I’d like to see competitive multiplay. For example, 2 teams of 2 trying to get through a devious puzzle with each team screwing the other team up along the way.

  • Chris K

    I would love to see more challenging puzzles and maybe some competitive multiplay

  • Rhu

    Perhaps it’s time to go beyond the portal gun, a gun that can create some kind of a solid. I’m not to sure how the gun could be used yet but it could add extra twists to puzzles.

  • oasis

    I want to see time portals :)

  • Eric

    Maybe a multiplayer that is player vs. player, with one player designing portal puzzles on the fly while the other tries to figure them out?

  • Zach

    I think what Dan Diemer said “DØg from HL2” got me thinking about the unique way DØg moves around.

    While part of the beauty of Portal is the portal, an instantaneous form of travel, the portal would be completely useless without you being able to travel in the first place. Add to that the value of a challenge, the world of portal is itself a giant puzzle.

    So what are some of the forms of travel humans most enjoy? Portal introduced the idea of building up energy to catapult yourself by jumping or falling through a portal. What about the idea of introducing other forms of travel. The idea being that your movement abilities are enhanced beyond that of a human.

    Your on a track moving at light speed and there are parts of the track missing, etc. using the portal gun to zip from track to track. Gordon Freeman had a suit that enhanced his natural jump abilities ctrl+shift+jump sent Freeman flying through the air into a power jump. The unique movement abilities would be divided up between several characters the player would assume control of depending on the unique challenge of the puzzle and therefore they would not be player selectable.

  • Tony D

    time Portals/Tacos

  • Kisuke Urahara

    I would love to see some sort of time manipulation going on. You get thrown thru time back and forth as you complete puzzles, making you change the past to alter the future.

  • JEdwards

    I’d like to see something where you could harvest some energy/liquid and store it until needed.

  • Pieter Bogemans

    Because i got the first portal and rushed through it
    last night. I was done by 1 o clock night time :p (my friends steam) and i would like to pay him back so he can download it. and of course: HAVE AWESOME GAMEPLAY FUN WITH THE MOST AWESOME GAME OF THE YEAR :p ^^

  • Barth

    I’d like to see a snow level. (jk)

    seriously, zero gravity would be cool.

  • How about 4-Player multiplayer? Sounds like it could get complicated!

  • Mr. Chris

    I’d like to see more challenging levels and a lot more great humor. It’s classic!

    Twitter: @PriusGuy2004
    RTed: https://twitter.com/#!/PriusGuy2004/status/74584468123418624

  • arthurfaarter

    I want to see some rpg elements

  • cedekane

    I would like to see changes in gravity.

  • nygan

    I’d like to fight some zombies with a friend in Portal 3

  • Rob hestar

    I’d Also love to see them maybe do a new location/Boss.I know I know glaDOS cannot be replaced,but wheatley was amazing so I know valve can do anything they put their minds to.Except give us Half life 3…plz Valve,make a portal 3 and HL3,I will give you all my moniez :'(.

  • Bipple

    I would make it so you could choose your own droid body type. Not just have it whoever creates the game is one body type and the guest is the other.

  • Jonathan S.

    I’d like to see them implement a way to have randomly generated levels so there’s endless replayability if the user created levels ever start lacking.

  • fresh02_88

    Make it kind of like a Myst style of game

  • Gram

    I would like to see more references to Half-Life, since references seem to be the closest thing to an actual Half-Life game we’re going to be getting for who knows how long.

  • ropes

    I would like to see a time gun where you can enter a mini time zone and make changes to the level to pass.

  • Bent 00

    I’d just like to see more of the same, except more of it.

  • If Valve ever makes Portal 3 I will like to see a longer single and co-op campaign and more cool elements. I do not want to see any multiplayer as it is probably going to be bad. Portal is a campaign based game and I want Valve to concentrate on what makes Portal fun.

  • arctic00

    Portal 3 should get a level creation tool.

  • Evilteddy03

    Portal 3 needs to have 4 player co-op. Valve should also add more puzzle elements

  • Dave

    More co-op

  • Virtuous Lumox

    For Portal 3 they should connect the SP and Co-Op stories better. Like two halves to a story. My idea is that Chell’s story and the bot’s story happen simultaneously. Depending on which you decide to play first, you can see the other happening in the background just like the one moment in Portal 2 where you see Peabody in the background after Wheatley moves the environment.

  • Panda Pajamas

    I’d like to see more multiplayer modes.

  • Skrams

    4 Player MP could be good if done well. Only it might become too much of a mindfuck. Also more outside areas are nice. They were really neat in Portal 1 for the bit of freedom it gave you.

  • Andrew

    They could have portals where you come out a different size.

  • oasis

    entry for the 29th!

  • oasis

    entry for the 29th!

  • Turnblom79

    I would definitely like to see Portal 3 bumped up to 4 player co op, that could get pretty interesting.

  • I’d like to see them add in Kinect support!

  • Mr. Chris

    Sunday’s entry:

    I’d like to see more challenging levels and a lot more great humor. It’s classic!

    Twitter: @PriusGuy2004
    RTed: https://twitter.com/#!/PriusGuy2004/status/74825841720311808

  • Rhu

    Cross-platform capabilities. Xbox 360 playing with PS3, and PC playing with everyone, etc. Of course this would never happen but it would be amazing if they did it.

  • nygfan

    I’d like to fight some zombie robots in co-op mode

  • Rob Hestar

    In portal 3 I’d love to see more brain teaser puzzles.A couple of puzzles in 2 I was like wth do I do!!!,but when I figured them out I was like tricky tricky valve!,you got me for a bit!!..

    I’d also love to see Gordon Freeman as the main character and G-man harass him like glaDOS did Chell.Maybe mix in some enemies aswell,but all Gordon can use is portals to take them out..I dunno,just an Idea.AS you can tell,I miss gordon and gortons fisherman fish sticks (been years since I’ve had a dose of either :( ).

    A cool lil mini game would be a mario kartish type race where you can pick your fav valve character and use portal to make light bridges as ramps for short cuts,to make other players fall off the map,just an idea as well :P.

  • Dave

    More co-op.

  • Pieter Bogemans

    more like to figure out something and not have to do the jump tree times because the portal was an inch too far too the left :p
    more tricky stuff and especially more co op

  • Maybe Black Mesa? That was a joke. Haha, fat chance.

  • I’d love it if Portal 3 were to come out Nintendo’s next console, whatever it ends up being named!

  • Kevin N.

    I would love to see me playing it

  • arctic00

    Portal 3 should offer tools for user generated content.

  • Bipple

    I would lengthen both the single player and the multiplayer stories. I just can’t get enought of a good thing!

  • For Portal 3 I want to see the face-to-face encounter of Chell with Gordon Freeman! ;)

  • Virtuous Lumox

    More turrets!

  • Panda Pajamas

    I’d like to see more robots.

  • Andrew

    I’d like to see a non-autonomous robot that’s directly controlled by GlaDOS.

  • Skrams

    An intertwining coop and single player campaign would be neat. Like coming into a coop chamber and perhaps seeing atlas and peabody just exit that room. And then the room could change to suit one player.

  • Jonathan S.

    I’d like to see featured user created content to choose the bad from the good (if it doesn’t do that already).

  • okiraan

    I’d like to actually get to the cake. Unless that already happens in P2.