Modder creates Xbox 360/PS3 combo console

Xbox 360 PS3 combination mod

Take one Portsmouth student on Summer break, throw in a little free time, some electrical tools, and the HD consoles of this generation, and the end result is magic. Tim Dykes (timofiend on Reddit) has combined the two consoles in one PC case, in one epic orgy of technology and nerd-dom.

Dykes admits that it was more to help kill time than for much else, but the end result is still impressive by any feat. He’s documented the entire process at his blog, but what’s possibly most intriguing isn’t how it all worked, but when things didn’t work. From an extremely tight budget, to issues with the PS3’s touch-sensitive buttons, to even a dreaded RRoD that occurred mid-way through, the story is as intriguing as the end result.

Really, it’s worth your time to have a look at how Tim’s done it. Perhaps this can get champion modder Ben Heck interested in something similar.

Check it out, via timofiend (Thanks, Tim!)

Images via Tim Dykes

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

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