Fistful of Pixels Episode 16: Cornfield 3

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Fistful of Pixels is a bi-weekly improv comedy podcast about theoretical video games, and you can find it right here on!

Here’s how it works: You send us your made up video game titles to @FistfulofPixels or and we spend three to five minutes creating a video game pitch based on that title. Then we wrap it all up and you listen to it. With your ears. Both of em.

Show Notes:

This episode of Fistful of Pixels brings you even more of what you all want: peripheral based games! Also, teach you all about Gabe Newell’s favorite foods, ask the question “What happened to the old weapons?”, and lament the passing of televisions funniest sitcom: Dharma and Greg.


Mike Bachmann, Russ WalshTaylor Bliss

This Week’s Titles:

Gabe Newel’s Food Feast, Win Lose or Shark Attack, D.O.G., My New Weapons, Sim Skrillex 2000, Meteorologist Simulator, Adventures with Air, Cornfield 3, Cabella’s Dharma and Greg: Big Game Hunters, Chevy Chase: Pig in the City


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Author: Michael Bachmann

Mike is a professional amateur, dabbling in many things. One of those is writing of course, but also co-hosting and producing "Fistful of Pixels", an improv comedy show about theoretical video games.

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