Kickstart This: Heroes of Forevia

Heroes of Forevia

Kickstarter has already made headlines as a way for creators to get their projects funded without going through a traditional publisher. From movies and comics to video games, projects of all sizes and types have been having success using the site’s pledge based funding model. But with all the projects out there, it’s easy for cool things to fall through the cracks. That is why we have decided to start highlighting projects that meet the following criteria; they are interesting, unique, and/or just plain awesome.

Our first entry is for the Mac and PC game Heroes of Forevia. The team at Popflame are creating a game inspired by the arcadey co-op fun of Gauntlet Legends. Much like its inspiration, HoF is an action RPG that features character progression and customization. Their emphasis is on creating a fun gaming experience whether you are playing alone or online with friends.

As you would expect from a fantasy game, you will be guiding your hero on a journey through many lands on a mission to destroy the big baddie who is doing the big baddie thing of being a huge jerk and sending out endless waves of minions to terrorize Forevia. As one of the heroes of the realm, you will grab your bow/axe/sword/staff and take on the games many puzzles and countless minions.

What Sets It Apart

The Popflame team is striving to create a multiplayer experience that replicates the couch co-op/arcade feeling of playing together in the same room. They feel that what most modern online game experiences lack is the connection you get when playing locally. It’s a hard thing to emulate over the internet, but that is the goal here. In this regard, they are taking a shared screen approach to the game to mimic the couch co-op experience.

Their other big emphasis for online play is matchmaking. Taking a page from the console playbook, they are creating a system that will be able to match you up with players of a similar skill level. Fun is the key factor the team is going for. They want players to be able to jump in and immediately be having a good time.

Why You Should Donate

As a consumer, we like to know all the ins and outs of whatever it is we are throwing our money at. A game proposal on paper is neat and all, but it doesn’t do much to peak the interest of your average Joe Anyman. The two man team at Popflame have already invested thousands of their own dollars into creating the alpha version of Heroes of Forevia. They have just added a third team member to handle both the art direction and music. They are very dedicated to putting out a fun and unique multiplayer experience.

When a project creator is willing to pony up their own hard earned cash to get their endeavors out to the masses, I am much more interested in what they have to say. The fact that a donation as little as $10 gets you beta access and a copy of the game upon release also goes a long way. It’s not a lot of money down for what could potentially be a fantastic multiplayer experience. I have personally backed this project, and think you should seriously consider doing likewise. Just don’t wait too long to make up your mind, as their Kickstarter campaign will be ending on Saturday, April 7th.

Author: Jonah Gregory

Jonah Gregory is a writer on various websites, including and He is the writer and creator of the all-ages comic book "Here There Be Robots", which he is currently adapting into a novel.

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