Random Battle: Mass Effect 3

Tangent podcasts are tangent. The Random Battles are short mini-shows that will show up in your feed as we discuss one topic at a time. Yes, the do fit into the continuity of the SideQuest.

Today’s Monster: Mass Effect 3. It takes three party members in a 45 minute session to conquer the beast within. Romancing, fighting, romancing, talking, and romancing are the tools the battle party has at their disposal in taking down Mass Effect 3.

Battle Party:
Eric Smith (Lvl 1, 1/3), Steven Strom (Lvl 1, 2/3), Ousmane Mariko (Lvl 1, 1/3)

How does scoring take place and what does it mean?

For completing a Random Battle, the party member gains XP. For every 3 battles, the player levels up. At the end of the season, the highest level player gets a SideQuesting surprise gift. The XP then resets at the beginning of the next season.

Mass Effect 2 – Two Steps From Hell – Heart of Courage

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