Better Than TV: The top notch EVE Online machinima, Clear Skies

TV sucks. Video games do not.

Sure, new shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad and A Game of Thrones have certainly raised the mean of late, but that hasn’t stopped 95% of television from being absolutely godawful, pandering tripe. I’m looking at you, Big Bang Theory.

Every Wednesday, I’ll bring to you some of the best cinema that video game culture has to offer; deciding once and for all which is the superior art form. Besides, it’s not like there’s anything better on.

This week, we have a series of EVE Online/Half-Life 2 machinima films that are very close to my heart. The very excellent Clear Skies trilogy has been around for a few years now, but that doesn’t mean that it is any less enjoyable. The Clear Skies films are funny, exciting and full of fan service. Sure, it’s a bit hokey at times, but each film gets better asĀ  you go along. And all the while, the love and effort that went into the films shines through the camp.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then fire up the ward drive!

Clear Skies

Clear Skies 2

Clear Skies 3

If you enjoyed the films, you can download the standard definitions for free on the creator Ian Chisholm’s website. You can also purchase the blu-ray which includes all three films as well as bonus material here.

If you’re like me and now feel like playing some EVE Online right about now, god help you.


Author: Steven Strom

Steven is a freelance journalist and editor for SideQuesting, as well as several newspapers. He is a podcast co-host for The Side Quest, Lonely TARDIS and Drunks and Dragons. His interests include comics, books, games you've never heard of and fettucini alfredo.

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