Diablo 3 Open Beta Weekend Starts Today

Diablo 3 Logo How would you like to play Diablo 3 RIGHT NOW!? Well if you’re reading this before 12pm PDT, you can’t. But you can soon! Beginning today at 12AM PDT and ending Monday at 10AM PDT, Blizzard is opening up their servers for a stress test as they gear up for the May 15th release. All you need is a valid Battle.net account and the client. Full details can be found here.

Keep in mind, this is a stress test and there’s no guarantee your experience will be ideal, but any opportunity to play before the release date is welcome! Get in there and click some demons till they die!

Author: Michael Bachmann

Mike is a professional amateur, dabbling in many things. One of those is writing of course, but also co-hosting and producing "Fistful of Pixels", an improv comedy show about theoretical video games.

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