Leaked Rayman Legends trailer shows the good and bad of the WiiU [Update]

There are several things to be excited about in this leaked trailer for the unannounced Rayman Legends, and a few to be extremely disappointed about.

The Really, Really Cool:

  • It’s more Rayman Origins, which is awesome
  • The WiiU version is official
  • The video shows the NFC uses for the WiiU, including Skylanders-like dropping in of items and characters
  • The WiiU tablet has touchscreen controls to help solve puzzles within the game
  • Multiplayer is still there
  • There are new “social” features, similar to ideas that are used in mobile games
  • It’s more Rayman Origins, which is awesome

The Kinda Shitty:

  • There is only ONE tablet used in the game, leading us to believe that the WiiU is only powerful enough for one at a time
  • Every other player is using the standard WiiMotes
  • At one point, the WiiU tablet looks like it’s plugged in to something. Not so good for wireless..?

Just a note: This game is still unannounced, and we could very well be seeing prototype hardware and features. Let’s hope we get more info at E3 or sooner. But, there is one giant, important thing to remember: It’s more Rayman Origins, which is awesome.

Video courtesy NintendoWorldReport

[Update] In a statement today, Ubisoft confirmed the game’s existence and stated that the video was an internal clip meant to show ideas and get the team excited.

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

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