News Blip: Calvin Johnson takes the cover of Madden NFL 13, immediately explodes into a fireball

Calvin Johnson Madden 13

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It’s the Madden Curse! Okay, there really is no such thing as a Madden Curse. As rough as the NFL is, it’s actually uncommon to go two injury-free seasons in a row.

Calvin Johnson will be the latest to find out why. The star Wide Receiver for the Detroit Lions, known to teammates and rivals as Megatron for making opponents just look silly, won EA’s fan vote for the cover of the game over the course of several weeks of voting, besting Cam Newton in the final.

The win was 52-48% over Newton after 651,736 votes, ESPN says, as fans came out and voted via ESPN and Twitter. Johnson is the second Detroit Lion to grace a football cover this year, as the legendary Barry Sanders landed on the NCAA Football 13 cover alongside Robert Griffin III.

Madden NFL 13 releases on August 28th, and is available for preorder now.

Here’s hoping that Johnson doesn’t succumb to any diseases, stays off of staircases, and doesn’t play Guitar Hero anytime soon. Because he’s on my Detroit Lions, and I’ll be drafting him for my fantasy team.

Source: ESPN Sportsnation

Official Madden 13 cover with Calvin Johnson

The official Madden 13 cover with Calvin Johnson

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