News Blip: Robert Griffin III and Barry Sanders share the cover of NCAA Football 13

NCAA Football 13 cover Barry Sanders RG3

The Great One, and RG3

While this may not be a sports-focused website, a few of us at SQ are diehard football nuts. Madden and NCAA hold special places in our hearts, as we tend to pick up each year’s iteration to play in leagues or live out our respective team’s or school’s perfect season.

My team has always been the Detroit Lions, and my school has always been the University of Michigan. Playing as them is a natural fit, and it’s the only way either of those teams have won Championships in the last 10 years.

This year, EA took it to the fans to vote for their favorite players to grace the covers of the games, and while the Madden vote is still ongoing, the NCAA secondary athlete vote has closed, with longtime Detroit Lion legend and Oklahoma State RB Barry Sanders gracing the cover along with the pre-chosen Robert Griffin III. Sanders is the third athlete to grace both the NCAA and Madden covers, but the first to do it in reverse. Shaun Alexander and Larry Fitzgerald are the other two.

With this year’s focus on a new “My Heisman” mode to let players relive the glory of past Heisman award winners, Barry was the natural fit. NCAA 13 launches on July 10.

Oh, and as an aside: The field of 8 included plenty of Lions and Wolverines, so suck it Ohio State.

Check out the videos below of Barry vying for the spot:

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

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