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April 26, 2012

Nintendo patching Mario Kart 7 Wuhu Island cheat

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Written by: Dalibor Dimovski
Mario Kart 7 Wuhu Island glitch getting patched in may

Nintendo's note explains it all, right there.

Well, there’s a surprise. Word just came from Nintendo via their 3DS messaging system that the company plans to update (read: PATCH) Mario Kart 7 to remove the infamous Wuhu Island cheat glitch. Call it a cheater’s winning method, or bad design, or a glitch, but it’s helped people win several races in an unorthodox “fall-off-the-cliff” fashion. Usually AGAINST me.

The patch arrives in Mid-Mary, showing that Nintendo does indeed plan on using the updated 3DS software to actually fix things. Welcome to 2006, Nintendo! It’s about time.

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