‘Sleeping Dogs’ wake up on August 14th, dreamt of pre-order exclusives

Sleeping Dogs Best Buy Pre-order Exclusive

Sleeping Dogs, the game that rose from the unfinished ashes of True Crime: Hong Kong, now has an official release date of August 14th, 2012. Along with the release date, Square Enix has announced a trio of retailer specific pre-order bonuses for everyone to whine about.

Those who don’t like to exit the house to buy their games can get the ‘Martial Arts Pack’ from Amazon. The DLC includes a Shaolin Warrior outfit, an extra Shaolin Showdown mission (sadly, this seems to be wholly unaffiliated with the neo-classic Xiaolin Showdown) and some extra decorations for your in-game crib.

Anyone willing to brave a trip to Gamestop will be getting the ‘Police Protection Pack’. This includes a SWAT themed ‘High Speed’ mission, vehicle, weapon and costume to round out the police-based side missions in the main game.

Finally, Best Buy costumers will get the ‘GSP Pack’. Which is… a DLC bundle themed after mixed martial artist Georges St-Pierre.

I’m not writing these posts anymore.

Images courtesy of Square Enix.

Author: Steven Strom

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