The #VS PAX East 2012 party!

It was an incredible weekend at PAX East. We saw a ton of games, sat in on some terrific panels, and ate great food. But more importantly, it was a great weekend to meet and hang out with all of you. We want to thank everyone that made it such an incredible time.

Our event on Thursday night, #VS, was a resounding success. We raised several hundred dollars for charity, and any time that happens it’s something to be proud of. We listened to some great music, as provided by the enigmatic and awesome JPHONIC (see the video above). We want to thank an entire host of people for their support. This is just a portion of the list, so apologies anyone we may have missed. Thanks for your support!

Thanks to:

Derek Distler, Event Coordinator & Promotions

Kate Mann

McFadden’s Boston

JPhonicJordan Mallory

Armless Octopus

PXL Magazine


Thrifty Nerd



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