Weekly Nintendo Download – April 26th

Welcome to our new weekly feature here at SideQuesting, the Weekly Nintendo Download. Every Thursday at Noon EST, Nintendo releases new digital content for the 3DS, Wii, and DSi. Let’s see what Ninty has to offer us this week.

Hello fellow Nintendo fans. This is a new week with a new set of downloads to enjoy. Before we go over the games, I want to remind everyone that the firmware update for the 3DS is live now. This update adds folder support to the home menu, changes the eShop a little, and allows for games on the system to be patched. The first patch is going to be for Mario Kart 7 and will be available next month. Enough about updates. On to the games.

1) Block Factory for the 3DS eShop.

At first glance this game appears to be very similar to Puyo-Puyo. Block Factory has four pre-made game types to choose from and the option to create your own puzzle games. These games can be shared through streetpass or QR codes.

2) Chuck E. Cheese’s Arcade Room for the 3DS eShop and DSiWare.

Haven’t you always wanted to recreate the feel of being at Chuck E Cheese in your own house? Well this game won’t quite accomplish that, but it will let you play a bunch of mini games and earn tickets.

3) Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers for the Wii Virtual Console.

There is not enough versions of Street Fighter II on the Virtual Console. This was previously a Genesis or Mega Drive title. Play as the original twelve fighters or one of the four new challengers. According to the press release, you can fight either locally or online.

This has been an interesting week with the highlight being the 3DS update. My home screen was getting very cluttered and is now much more organized. Are you planning on purchasing any of these titles? Want to share your thoughts on the update? Let me know below.

Author: Patrick Wainwright

Patrick Wainwright has been a writer and contributor to SideQuesting.com since 2011. When not playing video games and publishing pieces, he tutors students in math and plays games of Magic the gathering.

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