Club Nintendo May Rewards
Club Nintendo May Rewards
Get Pictobit. JUST TRUST US.


Dammit, it’s still not a word that our spell-check software understands. Ah well, Nintendo (finally) does. Each month the Big N brings a few downloadable games to the Club Nintendo rewards catalog, and this month might have a MUST-HAVE 3DS game.

PiCTOBiTs is a fantastic DSiWare puzzle game, with elements of playing Tetris in reverse to create classic Nintendo images on the screen. Though it’s not in 3D, it’s still one of the best puzzle experiences to be had on any mobile platform, 3DS or phone. Grab it here if you’re a member for 150 coins. Note: Must have eShop or WiiWare online access to get the games.

The other additions are:

You can pretty much avoid Urban Champion. Trust us on that one, too.