E312: Paper Mario sticker system detailed

Nintendo’s 3DS Software Showcase last night might have been a colossal waste of time, but it did give us an opportunity to see how Paper Mario Sticker Star‘s stickers stick to their sticky surfaces. Nate Bihldorff walked us through their uses.

Stickers are the replacement for badges with the twist of being one time use. Stickers are found around the game world or received from battles, with each taking up a certain amount of space in the Diablo like inventory. The strategy seemed to come from managing your stickers with more powerful stickers taking up more space.

Stickers are useful for other things as well, such as solving the many problems of the Mushroom Kingdom’s citizens. For instance, we saw a toad crying over his ugly garden because he’s too dumb to plant flowers. Then Mario swoops in and goes all Better Homes and Gardens on his ass with a new ability called paperization. By hitting the Y button, the scene turned entirely flat, revealing three spots where stickers could be placed. Using fire flower stickers (the same ones Mario uses to throw fireballs in battle), he plants flowers in the toads garden and cures his chronic depression.

Events like that happen all around the world and replace experience points as a means of leveling up. After helping the toad, Mario received an HP Up item that naturally increased his HP. Virtually every increase to Mario’s abilities is gained in this way.

With just a short preview, Paper Mario Sticker Star appears to be delivering more of what we’ve come to expect from all Mario games: same core gameplay with a twist. We’ll be sticking stickers all over our stuff this holiday season.

Author: Michael Bachmann

Mike is a professional amateur, dabbling in many things. One of those is writing of course, but also co-hosting and producing "Fistful of Pixels", an improv comedy show about theoretical video games.

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