Double Fine Happy Action Theater Sequel Playable at PAX, Expected to Release This Year

[UPDATE 1: On the latest episode of the Giant Bombcast, Editor Ryan Davis confirmed that the new game will be titled Happy Action TV.]

[UPDATE 2: Looks like Double Fine hasn’t actually named the game yet, after all. As of this update, the game remains untitled.]

A sequel to the Double Fine Happy Action Theater will be playable at PAX, the developer confirmed to me in an email this afternoon. A proper title and release date have not been confirmed, but Double Fine expects to release it this year.

Giant Bomb will live stream the first footage of the game this Friday, according to a tweet from Editor Ryan Davis.

The sequel to Double Fine’s interactive, child-friendly, Kinect title released on Xbox Live Arcade in February was originally revealed in an interview with SF Weekly.

They’re building the sequel to Happy Action Theater, a “video toy” published by Microsoft this year. It uses Microsoft’s Kinect controller, a camera that transforms body motion into videogame action.In a recent meeting, designers spent two hours brainstorming different outlandish sequences for the game, such as one where a fox plays bongo drums on a series of eggs, out of which hatches a miniature version of the player.

A Double Fine forum user reportedly caught the name “Happy Action TV” in an email sent to supporters of the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter campaign. Double Fine wouldn’t confirm the name to me.

Source: TwitterSF Weekly, Double Fine Forums

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