SideQuesting’s Guild Wars 2 Livestream [Update: It’s Over, but Here’s an Archive]

We’re a day out from the official launch of Guild Wars 2, and we thought, “Why not stream it?”

And that’s just what we plan to do!

Starting today, Monday, August 27, and ending Thursday, August 30, SideQuesting will be adventuring through the land of Tyria for a few hours each night. Say “Hi,” or at least drop us a whisper!

We’ll be playing on Sanctum of Rall, and the character’s name is Odera.

Watch live video from tylercolp on TwitchTV

Author: Tyler Colp

Tyler Colp has been writing about games as a journalist and a critic for over five years. His work has appeared on The Escapist, Venture Beat, BitPulse, and Pixel Enemy. He's into loud music and anything that has to do with Dark Souls.

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