October Movie Marathon: Week 2

saw subway

Another week goes by and another bunch of movies are flashed before my eyes. Continuing my quest to either watch a movie a day for October and/or drive myself insane, I watch seven more movies.

This past week I saw a lot of movies about the horrors of going to school. I lived through middle and high school jerks and bullies, so I kinda know how this goes. However, it makes me happy to know that I never managed to accidentally and permanently scar anyone for life. Also, there were no mass murders at my school either.

I saw what happens when you have a highly successful horror movie and attempt to make a sequel out of it. There was a blatant rip off of an actual horror movie classic, and what happens when you whisper the name of an undead guy with a hook for a hand. No thanks.

Pretty much all the movies were barely worth mentioning and hardly worth seeing, except one. I saw Deadheads. It’s a small budget movie about zombies. I know, I am kinda sick of zombies too, but this one is different. Brett Pierce and his brother Drew, wrote a zombie flick with a bit of a twist. It may not win any awards, but it is by far one of the best movies I have seen during this marathon.

This coming week there is a New Moon… so you know what that means? More Twilight movies… yay, I guess. I’ll probably watch a couple Japanese horror flicks and possibly revisit some “classics” that need a good tearing down. Oh and space ghosts, but not Space Ghost, unfortunately.  I really hop you all are enjoying this. I actually do enjoy (for the most part) watching and reviewing these films.

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Author: Scott Meador

I am a game addict, as anyone that knows me will tell you. I have been playing games since my parents got an Atari 2600 (old school woody) and haven't stopped since. Currently I fancy myself a freelance writer and amateur podcast/website host. I have been trying to hone my skills in both gaming and writing in order to achieve the perfect mesh between the two. I am happily married, and am in the midst of raising my son to be better than me in every way. I love my life and wouldn't trade it for the world.

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