The Evening Report, October 17th, 2012: IGN, Steam, and more Star Citizen

IGN to be auctioned off

Games Industry reports that according to a Wall Street Journal report IGN is going up for auction. Parent company News Corp, who purchased IGN  for $650 million back in 2005 is attempting to sell off the collection of entertainment websites associated with IGN for $100 million — a lot less than what it paid. This comes only a year after the purchase and consolidation of the UGO Network, which included bringing the once great into the fold.

Regardless of your personal opinion on the content or even the network as a whole, IGN has been a fixture in the gaming community in one form or another for almost two decades. Here’s hoping everything turns out for the best over there.



Steam has a security issue

Apparently Steam has a security issue with regards to how it operates with browsers. Reddit user HistoryLessens has outlined in a post (and the subsequent comments elaborate) what the issue is, how you can find out if it affects you and your browser of choice.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big Steam user and when I do use it it’s rarely ever in conjunction with a browser. Also I’m definitely not a software security analyst, so this could be an incredibly tiny thing, or an incredibly massive thing. This would also be a great time to explain it in the comments.

[Source: Reddit]


Chris Roberts is curious about Kickstarter

Last week I made a point to talk about Chris Roberts and his highly anticipated game Star Citizen. Roberts is attempting a mesh of private funding and crowdfunding to make his vision a reality, but instead of launching his goals on Kickstarter he used a crowdfunding platform on his own website, Roberts Space Industries.

This week brings us a small survey that contains some interesting numbers:

  • There were 30,000 people registered before the project was officially announced.
  • Crowdfunded donations to the project are three times higher than what is normally seen on crowdfunding websites.
  • Only about 10,000 of those 30,000 people have pledged a donation.

Among the choices in the poll, tucked neatly away near the middle is the choice, “I would prefer Kickstarter.” I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Kickstarter for Star Citizen pop up in the near future, if it turns out that’s what people are waiting for.

[Source: Roberts Space Industries]


A new Star Citizen FAQ has launched

In other Star Citizen news there’s a brand new FAQ up on the Roberts Space Industries website. Among other tantalizing morsels are some expected system requirements, which include things that are so far out of my price range that I’m actually glad for the (at least) two year wait on the game. Expectations toward modding as well as vague prices are covered as well.

Also included in the FAQ is an email to hit up if you want to work for Cloud Imperium Games, though it doesn’t happen to mention what positions may be open.

[Via: PC Gamer]

[Source: Roberts Space Industries]


The Bones Zone

The War Z will soon be within reach.

It opened to early Alpha adopters on the 15th, and is open to the lowest tier of early purchasers on the 31st. There’s a few of us on Twitter who are already in, or eagerly waiting to get in and we’d love to see our SideQuesting friends getting on board too. As with DayZ before it, if I find a hatchet I am going to become a hatchet murderer to be feared.

Join me, why don’t you?

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