The Evening Report: November 8th, 2012: GTA V, SWTOR, PTOM, Mass Effect

Grand Theft Auto Five Details

IGN’s got all the currently available news on Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto game, and it seems like a weird new direction. Borrowing a primary mechanic from the Wild Arms games, GTA V will have you switching between three protagonists. Following that change, a big part of the game will be focused on accomplishing heists with all three characters at once.

The car mechanics have been changed up as well, promising a driving experience that’s more like a racing game. Which means we can probably expect a whole bunch of crappy races — a Grand Theft Auto staple.

[Source: IGN]

[Via: Game Informer]

Star Wars: The Old Republic going Free-to-Play

Proving the age-old adage, “If you state something for long enough as fact, it will become fact,” Star Wars: The Old Republic will be going free-to-play on November 15th, alongside Game Update 1.5. Games writers have been predicting the transition from subscription to free-to-play for this gem since well before it launched, just shy of one year ago.

For the record, that age-old adage isn’t actually an age-old anything. I just felt like writing an explanation down here and needed an obviously made up saying to not look like a crazy person.

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Playstation: The Official Magazine Shutting Down

In a bit of sad news, parent company Future US announced it would be closing up Playstation: The Official Magazine. PTOM has been in circulation since 2007, delivering 12 issues a year plus a holiday issue. This announcement comes fairly close on the heels of Future US announcing the shut down of Nintendo Power.

We wish our friends over at PTOM the best of luck and hope they find new homes as soon as possible.

[Source: Game Informer]


New Mass Effect Confirmed


Rounding out this Evening Report is our second twitter grab of the day. Casey Hudson, Executive Producer of the Mass Effect series has announced via the social media platform that work has officially begun on a new Mass Effect, and he would like to hear what the fans want to see in it.

Krogan on Krogan docking, Casey. Make it happen.

[Source: Twitter]


The Bones Zone

So I’ve got a copy of DOTA 2 at my disposal, but I haven’t played it yet. Any Sidequestrians out there fans of the game and want to teach a brother how to DOTA?

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