Miiverse art 03
Miiverse art 03
RDTJ’s Frankenweenie

Whenever a new video game community pops up, it’s safe to assume that gamers will flock to it an imbue their own creativity. When Nintendo announced the social features of the Wii U, it included the ability to hand-write notes to other members.

With the Wii U’s Miiverse up and running now, it’s no surprise that the creative output has exploded. Several members (myself included) have used the extremely basic toolset — a black pen, an eraser, and three thicknesses of each — to showcase our artistic skills.  The message boards are updated several times an hour, so there is always plenty to be seen there. We’ve curated some of the best we’ve seen to date in the post below.

Solidsprte’s Connor from Assassin’s Creed III
Bree’s pixel art
Andrew’s Batman characters
Andrew’s Joker
John’s Samus Aran
Relena’s Link
Luiggi’s… thing?
Tommy +_+’s Spongebob likes Xbox
Tommy’s Mario’s job is done
Samir’s googly-eyed Mario
Kate loves Family Guy in the Hulu + message boards
GrumpAlien’s masterpiece
Mike Wehner’s ZombiU bullets
GuiltyKing’s Ryu Hayabusa
kittyfaces’s Scribblenauts illustration
Penless Family Guy ode to Peter Griffin
Alex’s love for Scribblenauts
Dev’s starite love
…. and Dolan!


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