SideQuesting’s Super Mega Awesome Holiday Giveaway 2012 [UPDATE: We have a winner!]

[UPDATE: Congrats to CAiNiACprime for winning the giveaway! Though we didn’t get to 300, he will still recieve the first two levels of prizes!]

Last year, our readers thoroughly enjoyed out epic holiday giveaways. We had thousands of entries over a month-long span, so the point where it helped bring our private servers to their knees. It’s probably not that smart to do something like that again.

But guess what? We’re not that smart. At least, we’re not smart enough to care about our servers, and would rather have you (our WONDERFUL readers) help us test our server strength for us. That’s why this year we’re having one giant Super Mega Awesome Holiday Giveaway that throws the entire stockpile of the gear that SideQuesting has been amassing over the year into one sleigh-worthy sack.

How do you enter?

Entry is easy. Just leave a comment in this post telling us what one game you’re looking forward to for 2013, and you’re good to go! You can enter up to once per day, for the next 7 days — starting today, December 7th, and lasting until Thursday December 13th at 11:59PM PST. That’s SEVEN CHANCES TO WIN.

What do you get?

In this epic giveaway — our BIGGEST EVER — we have literally everything you’ll need to make this holiday season worth living through. We have tons of games to give away, tons of swag and tons of happy feelings that we’ll have knowing that one of you was lucky enough to win it all.

Much like last year’s giveaways, we’ll be doing this in tiers.

Level 1

Giveaway Level 1


This level is the minimum (aka guaranteed) prize:

  • Two RAGE t-shirts, sizes M & S
  • One RAGE horned hat
  • Three RAGE/Prey 2/Skyrim keychains
  • One copy of Rift for PC
  • Two Halo mini-fig toy sets

 Level 2

Giveaway Level 2


Once the contest gets to 150 entries, we’ll also throw in:

  • One Magic the Gathering starter pack
  • One Magic the Gathering collectible nylon storage sack
  • One copy of Motorstorm Apocalypse for the PS3
  • One copy of Epic Mickey for the Wii
  • One copy of America’s Test Kitchen for the DS
  • One XL t-shirt from World of Tanks

Level 3

Giveaway Level 3


Get to 300 entries, and the rest of these prizes become unlocked!

  • One copy of Game of Thrones for the PS3
  • One copy of the Limited Collector’s Edition Game of Thrones RPG Art Book
  • A set of Two vinyl Portal stickers (one black, one white) for your laptop or PC
  • One copy of Sin & Punishment: Star Successor for the Wii
  • One copy of Skylanders Giants for the 3DS (includes the game, two figures, and a portal)


  • Contest starts today (Friday, December 7th) and runs through Thursday, Dec 13th at 11:59PM PST (2:59AM EST).
  • Leave a comment on this post up to once per day, Friday through to Thursday, for a total of 7 chances to win.
  • Winner selected by SideQuesting on Friday morning, December 14th, around 10:00AM EST.
  • Available to US residents only
  • Items are mailed as-is. Some are review copies, some are contest prizes, and there are no guarantees in the condition they arrive in
  • Please see our official Contest Rules for more information.

Good Luck, and have fun!

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

Dali is the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of SideQuesting, as well as the co-Founder of CarDesignFetish and the founder of MakLink. Dali is also a car designer, deejay, and introductory beer-brewer.

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