The Evening Report, December 13, 2012: Code Hero, PC Gaming, Company of Heroes 2

Code Hero developer claims he’s still developing Code Hero


More like.. Code ZERO, amirite? Haha, man I’m hilarious.


After blowing nearly $200,000 USD in Kickstarter money, Code Hero developer Alex Peake claims the Kickstarter wasn’t a scam, and development continues on. Jessica Conditt has a lengthy look at the situation over at Joystiq, with a blurb from noted lawyer Mark Methenitis which basically amounts to, “If you get scammed, you’re pooched.”

If you dare to peruse the comments of the article, Joystiq user RyanMartin is claiming to be a former coworker of Peake’s, and is confirming the apparant scam is, indeed, probably a scam.

[Source: Joystiq]


IGN’s “The Future of PC Gaming”

I don't know what most of this stuff is. Is that a VMU?

I don’t know what most of this stuff is. Is that a VMU?

IGN has an in-depth look at the state of PC Gaming, games and services of note in the near future and where the platform as a whole seems to be heading. They look at the free-to-play market, crowdfunding, and how good stuff looks on the PC these days.

It’s long, and for someone who’s computer is damn near a decade old it’s jealously inspiring.

[Source: IGN]


Company of Heroes 2 Multiplayer Trailer


That’s right, feast your eyes on some glorious Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer.


The Bones Zone


I played the demo for Don’t Starve, and god does that game seem fun. Do yourself a favor and buy into the beta and see how long you can survive before starving.

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