The Evening Report, December 14, 2012: Kill Whitey, Shut it Down and Enter the Matrix


Destructoid pointed out some interesting (and by interesting, I mean vile) commentary about Bioshock Infinite from the wretched hive of scum and racism known as Stormfront today.

Basically, Stormfront’s crack team of bigots is calling Bioshock Infinite an anti-American, white killing simulator. Thanks to the game’s themes, this is particularly ironic and makes the antisemitic, anti-intelligence hate group look all the more ridiculous.

Destructoid gathered up a few favored quotes from the plague rats, just in case you’re interested. If so, I’d highly recommend reading them in the Desctructoid article so as to avoid giving Stormfront the hits. I’ve chosen not to reprint any of it here to keep myself from vomiting.

[Source: Destructoid]



In case you’ve been playing the multiplayer components of classic PC games like Neverwinter Nights, SWAT 4 and a host of others, I’ve got bad news. Someone has decided not to pay the bills.

GameSpy Technologies, which runs the servers for the games in question, has been forced to shut them down. That’s because the developers responsible for paying the server costs… haven’t been. According to GameSpy, some of them haven’t paid for over four years.

You’d think it would be the developers’ responsibility to inform those still playing online that part of their games aren’t working properly anymore. You’d be right, too. So what’s going on?

Rebellion, the company behind Sniper Elite, one of the games afflicted by the failures, is saying it’s not entirely the developers’ fault. According to the company, GameSpy has jumped up their server costs to something much greater than before. GameSpy, however, says that this isn’t the case, that they haven’t changed their prices in eight years and have no intention to do so in the near future.

Someone’s obviously either lying or badly mistaken. Also, this doesn’t really excuse the developers for not telling anyone that they decided to quit paying, regardless of the cost.

[Source: Joystiq]

Virtual Reality for Real

saints row toilet

Scientists are trying to figure out if we’re all just living inside some kind of elaborate computer simulation. Their findings suggest: maybe?

I knew it.

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Steve’s Game of the Week


I finished Binary Domain today. I’m very, very glad that I did.

Not only is it the only competent cover-based shooter to ever come out of Japan, but it touches on some of the most complex and meaningful concepts I’ve seen handled in a video game. What’s more, it handles them very well.

Beyond that, the game provides some of the best dynamic cutscenes and storytelling I’ve seen all year. That’s including The Walking Dead, mind you. Add to that a cast of characters that’s actually worth a damn, amazing camerawork, great voice acting and gorgeous graphics and Binary Domain becomes one of the most surprising games this year.

I can’t say anymore, for fear of spoiling it. Seriously, go check it out. It’s bananas.

Author: Steven Strom

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