Former Bungie Developers Announce New Game


Moonshot Games, who made a splash at PAX East 2011 with their title Fallen Frontier, have just announced their new game, Third Eye Crime, which will be hitting this Spring on iPad.

Third Eye Crime, a noir, stealth-puzzle game in which you play as the master thief Rothko. Rothko isn’t an ordinary art thief, he has a unique trick up his sleeve: Telepathy. For eight chapters you will sneak across levels avoiding enemies, and snaking your way out of danger with your bounty in hand.

At this point, Moonshot isn’t letting us know much about how Rothko’s telepathy affects the game, but we assume more details will be hitting between now and the end of PAX East. What we do know is Third Eye Crime will feature a “knowledge-map” rendering, which will be an on-screen representation of where the AI believes Rothko to be. Using your telepathy you will be able to misdirect the enemy and avoid being seen. The telepathy is also the reason for being able to see vision cones on the screen of both Rothko’s, and the enemy

During PAX East, Moonshot will be featuring Third Eye Crime in the Indie Showcase, which in 2013 will be made up entirely of iOS and Android games.

Below, we have some artwork and screenshots of the game, as well as a promo video Moonshot released as an IGF teaser:


Source IGF Page

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