Sony launches PS4 HYPE TRAIN with February 20th event announcement day after Nintendo financials

Come See the Future of Playstation


“See the future…”

And with one tweet, the gaming masses exploded in uncontrollable happiness. This evening Sony sent an invitation to media and fans to see the future of PlayStation at a February 20th event. The event will be livestreamed on 6PM EST that day on Sony’s “PlayStation Meeting” website.

This is the Playstation 4. This can ONLY BE the Playstation 4. And, it’s very well-timed.

According to the Wall Street Journal (sub required), Sony will pull back the cover on it’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) at the event. The event will apparently also announce the release date: this Fall.

It’s a designed move by the company. Anticipating negative financials by rival Nintendo reported yesterday in their quarterly report, Sony had today circled on their calendar for a while to drop the news of an incoming event. It’s a further kick to Nintendo, who has faced challenges and difficulties in gathering excitement for its Wii U. The one-two punch was brilliantly masterminded by Sony’s management, rekindling the console wars yet again and aimed at causing fans to essentially forget the Nintendo Direct from last week.

The ball is in Microsoft’s court now, as it is rumored to announce its Xbox successor between now an E3 in June. Nintendo is also planning more of the popular Directs to announce third party games coming to the console.

There will be other announcements during that event as well, since it clearly outlines “PlayStation” and not “the Next PlayStation”. Our crack team has boiled it down to these probable details:

  • PS4 revealed
  • PS4 launch date reveal (Fall 2013)
  • Sizzle reel of upcoming PS4 games, with names like Uncharted, Ratchet, Gran Turismo and Resistance probably there
  • Playstation Vita redesign
  • Vita price cut
  • First news of Gaikai integration
  • PS3 game updates: Last of Us, Last Guardian, Beyond: Two Souls

For more fun, watch the video below that Sony created. It’s absolutely simple — mixing electrifying lightning and the familiar button icons — in a what we assume to be is a real-time video rendered on the PS4 hardware. Keep your hearts beating… it’s officially ON.

Source: Official PlayStation Twitter

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

Dali is the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of SideQuesting, as well as the co-Founder of CarDesignFetish and the founder of MakLink. Dali is also a car designer, deejay, and introductory beer-brewer.

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  • Kamille

    I just can’t stop watching the teaser because it’s so awesome! I keep replaying it over and over again. -Kamille Bidan

  • handyultra

    So awesome? It’s a F$&^ing teaser that shows the Playstation controller button symbols with a dash of lightning. Whilst I’m certainly excited for the new playstation, I couldn’t be more bored of the teaser!

  • NL37

    why did you write you full name? Lol

  • zach

    A teaser is meant to let you know an announcement is coming in x number of days, not hype you up over hypothetical products. Whilst the PS4 is a given here, it’s meant to be ominous in a way as to provide speculation and even more hype.

  • Raiden is Back!

  • Ray

    Yeah it’s absolutely retarded. You should go to N4G and look at the comments there and you’ll have a hard laugh. PS3tards going like it’s a message from god or something, absolutely pathetic!

  • “Vibration is back!”

  • Jancely

    I think so @Sony will launch PS4 on 20 Feb 2013.Wedbush game industry analyst, Michael Pachter also tweeted, “Sony is inviting investors and media to the Feb 20 event