The Evening Report, Thursday, January 31, 2013: Sony, Steam, DayZ, and Own3D

Analysts react to Sony announcing.. something on February 20th


Leading the pack tonight is something that’s less news and more.. entirely speculation. Sony’s announced that they will be announcing something in just under a month, and the speculation on the Internets has run wild.

The most interesting prediction, though, comes from industry analyst and all around cool dude Michael Pachter, who believes that because Sony is inviting investors and media to the announcement it means it’s new console time.





Though after predicting there was no way The Walking Dead would win Game of the Year at the Spike VGAs immediately before it actually did win the award, maybe the safe money is betting against him this time.

Pachter has successfully predicted a number of industry related happenings in the past, though he’s had his fair share of disappointments as well. He was able to predict the Kinect kicking the crap out of the Move, though he got the launch price for the Kinect wrong. He’s also been right on the money with predictions of price-cuts across Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, though he was way off the mark when he originally predicted this current generation of hardware would be the last generation of consoles.

Regardless of his predictions, Pachter is right about one thing here; if this is an announcement of a new console things are about to get very exciting.

[Source: Playstation]


Dean Hall is looking for artists for DayZ Stand-alone


Dean “Rocket” Hall is looking for 2D and 3D artists to help bring his standalone DayZ client to life. Currently DayZ exists as a mod for the 2010 game ARMA 2, requiring either the core game and the Operation Arrowhead expansion, or the ARMA 2: Combined Operations pack, or the free version of ARMA 2 and the expansion.

As if that wasn’t complicated enough, it requires several more steps before the mod is ready to play and it’s surprisingly easy to mess up a step and have to start from scratch.

The stand-alone client was originally slated to be released around Christmas of 2012, but at this point it seems like it’s still a little way out. For anyone waiting on the stand-alone for the DayZ experience, you’re gonna have to wait a little while longer.

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Own3d got owned?

When this is on the first page of a google search for 'owned', you don't turn it down.

When this is on the first page of a google search for ‘owned’, you don’t turn it down.

Streaming website Own3D has kicked the bucket, leaving competitor Twitch to handle the streaming of European Simulators and less awesome video games.

Own3D originally had positioned itself fairly strongly, becoming home to a number of pro gamers and clans, but after spotty service and spottier payments, most of those individuals up and left for the greener pastures of Twitch and other platforms to continue streaming.

I’d pour one out for the service, but every time I tried to watch a stream it would buffer every few seconds. I can’t imagine why they ended up going under.



German Consumer Protection sues Valve


Apparently, last year, the European Union decided consumers should be able to resell digital purchases, and ordered Valve to change Steam to allow for this. Apparently Valve didn’t, so now they’re being sued. Maybe.

[Source: GameStar] [Via: reddit]


The Bones Zone


Omerta: City of Gangsters is seemingly available as of today, and if you liked XCOM and you like prohibition era gangsters, you’ll probably love it. There’s a demo out there, so give that a shot if you aren’t entirely sure. I know I’m excited for it.

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