Assassin’s Creed IV trailer leaks online [UPDATE: Mirrored file available]

Well, that didn’t take long. Just a couple days after the world dug around and found more Assassin’s Creed IV information, the official trailer has leaked online ahead of its planned Monday reveal.

Peep Black Beard the Pirate warning us of this deadliest of pirates. “This man is a fearsome dog that feeds off of trouble and turmoil.” Captain Edward is his name, confirming everything that was rumored previously.

PS4 confirmation, as well as that October 29th date.

Thanks, the NeoGAF!

[via GamesRadar]

UPDATE: Looks like an “oopsie” took place with GamesRadar posting their file early. No worries, the rest of the internet quickly picked up the slack. Here’s the link to the full trailer/file in HD. Thanks to all who sent in the link to the file. Thanks to @Wario64 for pointing out the link online.

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