PAX East 2013: Shots from the show floor

I know a lot of people can’t make the trip to Boston every year, so I figured I would bring PAX East 2013 to all of you. I wandered around phone in hand yesterday (sorry, I forgot my DSLR at home) for a couple hours snapping hundreds of photos of the show floor, and still only managed to see about half of it. I will try to throw up as many as the terrible media room internet will allow. Without further adieu, here is the gallery:

I will try to take some more pictures and throw them up Sunday or Monday. If there is anything you heard about on the show floor that you would like a picture of, I will try to accommodate. Leave a comment!

Author: Eric Smith

News Director. Eric is an experienced freelance writer. He serves as a co-host of The SideQuest, the Lazy Sunday Gaiden, and plays far too many competitive games. When he isn't thinking about videogames, he is probably watching TV or a movie. You know, productive stuff.

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