PAX East 2013: Volition enjoying creative control and very pleased with Deep Silver



During the Q&A portion of our Saints Row 4 preview, we asked Producer Jim Boone and Creative Director Steve Jaros about Deep Silver and how being acquired by the publisher has changed production of their game.

Jaros explained that they’re very pleased with Deep Silver as a publisher. “When they acquired us, they said ‘we’re big fans of what you do, and we want you to keep doing it,'” ┬ásaid Jaros. Jaros and Boone made it quite clear that they’ve been able to keep full creative control under Deep Silver.

Boone jumped in saying, “if you ask some of the guys at the office, they wouldn’t have even noticed that we switched publishers!”

In this is probably the perfect example of what the role of a the publisher and developer in an ideal world. It’s like if you were to commission someone to paint you a picture. If you want an artist to make you a piece, you do your research and find someone whose work you like. Now, if you want them to really do well, you leave them alone and let them work instead of constantly peeking over their shoulder.

It’s about having the confidence in your developer’s ability to do what they do best, letting the artist practice their craft.

Author: Ryan Gan

Ryan is Managing Editor and Reviews Editor of SideQuesting. In 2004, he began writing about his video gaming experiences in a blog at 1Up. He began writing for SideQuesting upon its inception in the Spring of 2009. Ryan is an educator by day and writes critically about games by night.

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