Top 50 Shows of the Last 25 (or so) Years – How the list was made

 Top 50

Here is the first part of the list, shows 50-31.

Second part of the list, shows 30-11.

Final part of the list, shows 10-1.

This is my list. There aren’t many like it, but this one is mine. Yea, it is somewhat upsetting that I have to remind everyone that I made this list, and it is entirely subjective to what I like, but remind you I will. I probably left half or more of your favorite shows off of this list. It wasn’t to spite you; it is because it is my list.

I haven’t watched everything. There are some shows I really wish I had gotten around to watching, Justified, The Sopranos, Deadwood, many more. So if a show isn’t on here, it might mean that I didn’t watch it. Sorry, I am only human.

This list has nothing to do with popularity. As a matter of fact, a good number of the shows on this list suffered from terribly low ratings and were subsequently cancelled early in their life. That said, I’m not a hipster asshole who thinks that the only quality shows are ones that get low ratings. This links to my previous point: This list is about shows that I like.

All shows start on equal footing. The argument that a show in 1991 lives in a different environment than that of its 2011 counterpart is complete trash. Good television is good television no matter when it is aired, and who the target audience is.

Minimum time on air is important. For the most part. If a show only lasts one season, it is eligible; but if it is only on TV for a year at the time of the list making, it was not. I stuck to a two season minimum to be a contender. That said, I operate under Pirate Law, and these rules are more…guidelines.

The list isn’t just about my nostalgia. I did factor numerous other things into what deserves to be on the list. If I chose just the things I liked when I was a kid, this list would probably be 95% different and a whole lot more agreed upon by the readers.

It’s meant to be fun. So don’t be an asshole if you don’t agree with me. Feel free to yell at me in the comments and tell me how bad my list is. Just please, have a modicum of civility about it. A list means nothing to everyone; but it means everything to an individual.

Author: Eric Smith

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