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new xbox name contest

We’ve long known a new Xbox was in the works and with Sony’s PlayStation 4 unveiling last month it was just a matter of time before Microsoft fired back. Microsoft’s official event is scheduled for May 21 and one of the top questions is what are they going to name the bloody thing? Will it be Xbox 720? NextBox? Xbox Always-On Media Machine 2.0? Speculation is all over the place so we figured we would poll our readers and see what you think the Xbox 360 successor will be named.

In return for you putting on your thinking caps, we will select someone at random to receive 800 Microsoft Points. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite suggestions throughout the week and will select the winner on May 2.

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  • Contest starts today (Thursday, April 25) and runs Thursday, May 2 at 11:59PM EDT
  • Available to US residents only, 18 yrs of age or older
  • Please see our official Contest Rules for more information.
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Contributing Editor Father, husband, gamer, geek, wordsmith and Internet vagabond. Memphis, Tenn. ·

Author: John Parie

Contributing Editor Father, husband, gamer, geek, wordsmith and Internet vagabond. Memphis, Tenn. ·

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  • Travis Boswell

    Xbox 2
    It isn’t the second Xbox but enough people will believe it.

  • Disco Ball

    Xbox Infinity

  • liljrSanchez

    360 is just a complete circle, so maybe they’d call it “Xbox Infinite”

  • Snotpoop Quailark

    Yo, it’s gonna be BoxX

  • Paul B

    Maybe they’ll call it NeXBox.

  • Jason Blackburn

    XBox 8 to go along with all of their Windows 8

  • Patti

    Let’s name it Xbox NexGen!

  • Chris Rackley

    Xbox Shiz.

  • gravitybones

    spherebox 720

  • Justin Russo

    Ecks Bocks

  • Binh Nguyen

    Dat Joint 420

  • Guest

    AdamOrthy box.

  • Raheel Khurshid


  • David Brown

    it will be named Xbox 720

  • Virtuous Lumox


  • K.Y. Parsons

    Should be named Xbox Infinity. It shouldn’t be 720 unless the physical outside of the box is going to be able to rotate 720 degrees, and look like a different shape =]

  • Justin Forsythe


  • Jared Z

    Funk Box 3 (neon-green with blue and purple neon-lights) EVERYTHING 80s XD

  • eugaet

    Xbox U

  • Polerand


  • Anthony Brown @antbrown88

    Im taking a shot on this one Xbox 540.

  • vdh360

    Xbox Not-always-online

  • Marc-Antoine Proulx

    The Box would be nice
    but I expect Infinity or Infinite

  • Toni Apostoloski


  • Chris Hofer

    Xbox Infinity

  • Marykate Clark


  • Andrew

    Xbox 4 Pi

  • Brian Lepak

    Xbox Gold and Xbox Silver AND I WANT MINE IN 24K GOLD!!!

  • volcombrandon

    Just plain old xbox all those fancy names are stupid in my opinion

  • Mr Nerve Damage

    The Xbox (for gaming) & Xbox HE (Home Entertainment) for that rumored wanna be Roku competitor/ entertainment hub.

  • Jillyrh

    Xbox Surface

  • Rob Hestar

    X-on, the xbox that’s always on(line)


    Halobox. exclusives? we got halo and….halo!

  • Paul K

    NextBox 720 HD Media system

  • David Brown

    it will b Xbox 720

  • Hank Wrigley


  • o kiraan

    xbox infinite (why not?)