The Adventures of Rubberkid now free to download, helping against bullying


Critterverse’s Rubberkid

Last December we tipped you off on the efforts of developer Critterverse as they held a Kickstarter for their anti-bullying project, The Adventures of Rubberkid. Well, the game is now available to non-backers of the fundraiser, for free.

To make the game as accessible to everyone as possible, it can be played online via Flash or downloaded for free (for PC) for home or classroom alike. The game is meant to teach children how to not only cope with bullying but to stand up to it as well. The game stars the young heroic student Rubberkid as he bounces insults back at the bullies. Once one of the various levels is cleared, the player can meet with and get to know the kids he or she just helped, their goals in life, and what could have happened had the player not stuck up for them.

The game is simple in execution but ultimately worthwhile as a way for kids to deal with bullying and its consequences.

While the rest of the US deals with trying to figure itself out in the wake of Sandyhook, it’s fantastic to see such a simple and positive game be created.

Cheers on that, Critterverse.

Adventures of Rubberkid

Via Critterverse/Rubberkid

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

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