The SideQuest Episode 505: Fanboy Accusations


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Episode 505: Fanboy Accusations

In this episode: E3 is coming, we now know the press conference dates (or lack of, if you’re Nintendo), Call of Duty is back with Ghosts, Monaco is played, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is enjoyed, and Steven has a huge list of fun.

What we’re playing:
Dali – Fish out of Water, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
Eric – Strike Suit Infinity
Steven – EVE Online, Dota 2, Star Command, Monaco
John – Injustice, Game Dev Tycoon, Poker Night at the Inventory 2, Monaco

Stupid Notes of Stupid:
A stiff challenge
One of the Ocean movies
Luigi’s Ass Mansion
Hashtag Claptrap

MindFreak of the Week

James Campbelll

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Dali DimovskiJohn ParieSteven Strom, Eric Smith


Intro: Gogol Bordello – Rebellious Love

Outro: Cake – Meanwhile, Rick James…

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Author: Dalibor Dimovski

Dali is the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of SideQuesting, as well as the co-Founder of CarDesignFetish and the founder of MakLink. Dali is also a car designer, deejay, and introductory beer-brewer.

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  • I disagree with most things said about nintendo. But I liked this cast. Good job guys!

  • kewlrats

    Thanks for listening! Feel free to let us know your thoughts… We’ll read them on the next episode and chat about them. :)

  • I just think this

    The cons of no nintendo E3 – hype

    The pros – no miyamoto like SS demo screw ups which lead to bad media coverage aka ” SS has bad controls” when it doesnt, you can spread MULTIPLE directs ( which they have said) over the course of the 4 days

    They are also have seperate events for media, and seperate for analysts/retailers

    When smash is shown, when 3d mario is shown, when kart is shown

    There cannot be any live screw ups.

    The price is fine, the design is fine ( works for 3ds), the MARKETING is the issue

    The media one might be streamed we dont know.

    Other than that they are opening E3 early so the writers can play and get there impressions/previews out quicker

    The wii u while selling poorly. No denying that. If you look at what they did sell according to there last financials, something like 3.5 million. That is higher than the ps3 and 360 sold.

    So while its bad. Its not OMG DOOMED DEAD bad

    The wii u has flexible external storage which is better. Id rather have 2tb external vs 100gb internal. The vita nor the ps3 has that.

    thats all I got!

    ( and please return my twitter follow for #ff)

  • Remember how we all went 3ds is dead, 2 years ago? Had a worst first year library of games than the wii u has. Now look at that little beast go.

    The vita, is not even 2 yet, but it has a good library and can turn it around

    I dont believe in this ” if you dont get first place you stink” mentality. The wii had a good lineup of games I loved, if it was second or third instead of first? Id still love it.

  • Wait, someone is actually listening to these? We better get our act together.

  • yes I do listen from now on