Suspended License 003: The Last of Us 2

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Have you ever seen a book, movie or comic and thought to yourself “This would make an amazing video game!” Well, Justin Russo and Steven Strom did! Welcome to Suspended License in which our heroic hosts discuss which franchises they would like to see as the next great video game.

Episode 3! Back after over a year in space, contemplating the meaning of existence and doing battle with extra-dimensional horrors, the duo is back and ready to pontificate! Specifically, the two talk about what they’d like to see in a probably-not-theoretical sequel to The Last of Us, the smash-hit from Naughty Dog that has people wondering “What’s next?”

It’s time to get navel-gazing!


Steven Strom and Justin Russo


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Author: Steven Strom

Steven is a freelance journalist and editor for SideQuesting, as well as several newspapers. He is a podcast co-host for The Side Quest, Lonely TARDIS and Drunks and Dragons. His interests include comics, books, games you’ve never heard of and fettucini alfredo.

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  • Jaume Bofi

    Ellie needs Joel and Joel needs Ellie…. if one character is staying the other must be in there. Villan is relative cause the 20 years of bullshit

  • benstacey1

    Joel is neither a villain nor a hero, he’s a survivor, there
    is no good or bad there’s just survival. You say he’s a villain because he
    kills people? EVERYONE in that world kills people, you kill to survive. That’s like
    saying people in our society today are ‘evil’ for mass killing and eating
    animals, we eat them so society today can ‘survive’. How many species in the
    last 100 years have been wiped out because of Human expansion? Quite ironic
    when you think about it like that isn’t it.

    He saved Ellie because the fireflies were going to slice her
    brain open for a chance to get a vaccine, not even a cure that was not 100%
    going to work. He grew to love her as a daughter and would do anything to not
    lose her and go through that pain again (his daughter’s death). Joel’s parenting
    instincts surfaced as the game progressed as he was a good father in the old
    world. I actually feel more sorry for Joel overall as the poor guy has lost so
    much and seen so many awful things the last 20 years. He was pretty much forced
    to make that decision at the end, because in his mind he didn’t have a choice
    (as Neil Druckmann stated in an interview). You are supposed to ‘feel’ what
    Joel feels.

    When Ellie says ‘Okay’ she realises in that moment Joel
    needs her and she needs Joel. She has never felt an emotional connection this
    strong with someone before (even marline) that’s why she got very upset in the
    ranch scene. No one in that world cares about Ellie’s wellbeing what so ever,
    sure they care about her immunity, but not her as a person. Joel is the opposite,
    he cares about Ellie, not her immunity.

    Why do those people you encounter in the game deserve to
    live and get a vaccine? So saving the one person you live for and love is
    selfish? Would you give up and let die an adopted daughter who you grew to love like your
    own in a messed up world like that? Really, would you?

    It seems to me you both really didn’t understand the story
    fully. You need to look at the story a little deeper.

    Joel is not a villain he’s simply human. I personally would
    have never given up Ellie even for a vaccine, civilization is already gone
    along with humanity. That’s the world they live in now, vaccine or no vaccine.

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