Tt eSports Volos mouse review

There are plenty of MMO mouses out there (and yes, the proper plural of a computer mouse is mouses) from companies that specialize in such; SteelSeries and Razer are two well-known examples. While ThermalTake is no newcomer to gaming peripherals, they are new to the MMO-specific mouse game. Now, they’ve decided to join the party and release an MMO mouse named the Volos, and have designed it specifically for MMO/MOBA/ARTS games.  When I got my first look at the Volos at CES this year, it was immediately on my short list of favorite products at the show – but the field is competitive, so how does it stack up to the rest?


  •  Laser Engine provides up to 8200 DPI with an AVAGO Sensor—compatible with most surfaces.
  • 4MB on-board memory (equivalent to 140 macros keys within 10 game profiles).
  • Industrial Rubber Coating to strengthen grip especially under rapid-moving conditions.
  • Up to 16.8 million color options with a Pulse-Break lighting effect.
  • GUI to personalize macro keys, advanced mouse performance features and lighting customization.
  •  129 x 79 x 43mm.
  • Gold-Plated USB Connector provides smooth data and signal transmission.
  • Vibrant Thumb Button Design for more intuitive key command.
  • Macro keys can be disabled individually via the software application, or via the Function-Lock Switch to disable all macro buttons except for the left and right click  buttons.


ThermalTake eSports Volos Gaming Mouse review

The Tt eSports Volos MMO mouse has 16 programmable buttons: Left, Right, Middle click wheel, Wheel up, Wheel down, DPI Level Up, DPI Level Down, 6 buttons on the left side, and 3 buttons on the right side.

Tt eSports Volos Mouse top view

Yes, it does look like the mouse was mated with an Xbox 360 controller, and to be honest, I really like the look. The button placement is near perfect as well—it is really easy to get to substantially rounded buttons.

My only gripe about the layout is where the “D” button is located on the right side of the mouse, as it’s where I rest my middle finger. During testing in an intense FPS match, I found myself accidentally clicking on it—and if I had it assigned, it completely interferes with the game.

There are four LED lights that you can customize—the Left Mouse button, Middle Wheel, Profile Button, and the Tt eSports logo. You can customize the LED lights by using the Volos Software.
Volos weights and macro switch
The Volos is a well built and very sturdy mouse, but I can see how some might consider it to be  a bit heavier than they’re used to, but to that end there are removable weights that can help adjust to one’s comfort.

One last interesting feature is an “all Macro off” switch, located on the bottom of the mouse. You can turn all macro functions off at the hardware level rather than switching them off in the software control panel.

Volos Software

With the Volos software you are able to have to to 10 profiles. A software CD was not include in the package even though the booklet did say that a CD would be included but, they give you instructions where to go to download the most current software. ThermalTake have improved their software from the Level 10 M  to the Volos. Setting up your keys, macros, lights are really similar to the previous software. The interface is much improved, cleaner, and better to read.

When you click on the “?” button it takes you to the User’s Interface Setup Guide for the Level 10 M Mouse. Even though the link is for the Volos.

The Registration button works but it takes you to a Server Error page.

To set up your macros just click on the “Macro settings” Tab that is next to the “Customization” Tab on the main screen of  the Volos Software. Click on the “New” Button to set up a new macro for your command. From there you can start recording your new macro. After that you do not really need to export it because it is automatically saved into the Volos folder in the “My Documents” Folder. After you set up your new macro you can go and assign it to any of the buttons you have available to use. When you go to “Key Assignment” Use the drop down box and select “Macro (T Key)” and then use the “Assign macro” drop down box and select the macro that you just created.

The “Light Option” you have 16.8 millions colors to choose from. That is a lot of colors and truth be told I may only use maybe 20 of the colors but at least the option is there if I want to go nuts. The “Normal” and “Battle” buttons are back and you can tell the difference this time around. When you are in “Normal” mode, what ever colors you chose for the 4 illuminated lights will stay in those colors till you switch profiles.

The “Battle” button will change according to your clicking frequency. I tested this out in the final battles in Guild Wars 2 and you can see the lights changing when I was in battle. I also tried it with Mass Effect 3 in both multi-player and single player mode and that gave me a good test how much of the mouse I really used in a 3rd-person shooter like Mass Effect.

At first I was more keen on using the “Normal” mode because I liked the colors that I picked. Now I am using the “Battle” mode because it gives me a good indication how much of the mouse I am using when playing these MMO/MOBA/ARTS or other games.


The Tt eSports Volos MMO Mouse is a well built mouse. The feel of the mouse, along with the button placement makes it not too overwhelming for casual gamers. Even though I disagree where the “D” Button is placed, I can understand why they placed it there as it is the most accessible button on the right side of the mouse. I love the size and weight of the mouse. But I can see how it can be a bit heavy for some or maybe a bit large for those with smaller hands. Especially if they need to reach for the buttons.

The improved software definitely make setting up the buttons/macros and other commands easier. Is it the best software in the world? No. But it certainly gets the job done.

As a hardcore gamer I feel as this mouse was built for me. Playing games like Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, and other games has been made easier for me to move my character around and cast spells at the same time. Not only can I use this mouse for MMO/MOBA/ARTS game but I can use the buttons for other purpose for games like Shank. I do personally not own a console controller for the PC so this makes it easier for me to play side-scroller games without having to rely solely on the keyboard.

For a price tag of $69.99 you are not just getting one incredible mouse. You are getting a weapon that you can use to your advantage.

This review was based on hardware sent to the reviewer by the manufacturer.

Author: Binh Nguyen

Binh is a Contributing Editor at SideQuesting, specializing in PC gaming and anything related to the WWE. He used to wrestle, too, and sometimes takes the job as SideQuesting's door man for events.

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