Valve details SteamBox prototype specs, compared to PS4 & Xbox One [Update]

Valve Steambox Technical Specs

[Update: I’m adding in a few suggestions from the comments. Keep them coming!]

It doesn’t have a name yet, and a final form factor hasn’t been revealed, but the SteamBox is slowly taking shape. Today Valve revealed the technical specs of the prototype consoles that they’ll be sending to beta testers next month. To say that the box will be a powerhouse is an understatement.

Firstly, it’s important to note that the prototype will come in several flavors. Though Valve has hardware in mind, other manufacturers will ship varieties of their own versions of the box, from low-end to high, delivering varying technical specs. That should make for a broad brush stroke of pricing as well. Each of these boxes are meant to run every game on SteamOS, and most should be upgradable over time, so that users will get the exact experience that they want, every time, without loss of software library.

Valve’s SteamBox/Steam Machine (prototype) specs are as follows:

  • GPU: some units with NVidia Titan, some GTX780, some GTX760, and some GTX660
  • CPU: some boxes with Intel i7-4770, some i5-4570, and some i3
  • RAM: 16GB DDR3-1600 (CPU), 3GB GDDR5 (GPU)
  • Storage: 1TB/8GB Hybrid SSHD
  • Power Supply: Internal 450w 80Plus Gold

The casing, which has yet to be revealed, is 12.4 inches deep, 12 inches wide, and 2.9 inches tall.

Looking to compare how that stacks up to the Next Gen consoles? Here you go:

SteamBox vs Next Gen Console Comparo

* Using Amazon prices for NVIDIA Titan and GTX660

** Many PS4, Xbox One and Wii U specifications unnofficial and are subject to change


*Xbox One uses unconfirmed size zpecifications

Little else is known (will it have a Blu Ray drive? How many USB ports?) but we’ll find out a lot about that in the coming weeks and months. The biggest question, however, is price. Even with the least expensive hardware Valve’s prototype consoles, if purchased separately, could cost upwards of $1500. Valve would surely be working with manufacturers to bring the device to a more manageable price to consumers, but until then it’s a big fat question mark.

Source: Valve

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

Dali is the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of SideQuesting, as well as the co-Founder of CarDesignFetish and the founder of MakLink. Dali is also a car designer, deejay, and introductory beer-brewer.

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  • GamerZ Elite

    What abt price comparison. After this artical I can calculate how much money I am going to save if I buy both PS4 and XBOX ONE.

  • deSSy2724


    1. The Wii U CPU is not based on Power7 lol
    2. HD4770 is not confirmed

  • Dakan45

    The steambox has multiple prices from what i heard, there is a cheap one, a standard and a premium. You propably be able to upgrade later. Forgot all you know about locked out trashboxes, this “console” is hackable from the get go, change the controls, upgrade the hardware for better graphics, get brand new games for under 60 bucks.

  • Pekka Puupaa

    1. I disagree
    2. I agree

  • Matt

    Steambox is obviously going to cost more but it’s more of a barebones PC in a form factor box than a console. You can expect the prices to mirror the retail price of the products inside unless Nvidia drops their prices to help them sell.

    There’s actually no need to buy one if you already own a older PC. SteamOs is going to be free I think so just install that on an older machine. Depending on how old the machine is you can do some research to find out the best GPU to pair with the CPU in order to get the most out of it… CPU’s aren’t necessarily the most important thing to worry about when upgrading but it’s subjective to the game your playing with most favoring the GPU. I think with a max investment of $200-250 into an older PC you’ll have the same ability as buying a prebuilt Steambox.

  • kewlrats

    1. From what I’ve read, the CPU is IBM Power7-based (Though Nintendo hasn’t confirmed it)
    2. I’ll update the HD4770. Though it’s not exactly a 4770, it’s apparently very close to one.

    Thanks for the notes. :)

  • heavenshitman1

    If these prices are anything to go by, I dob’t see how the Steam boxes will garner any mass appeal at all. Factoring controllers for it also and potential upgrade units. With everyone already having PCs including even hardcore gamers, few would be up for shelling out for this system

  • Matt

    I can only imagine the market impact if Nvidia cut their prices in half on their current GPU’s while maintaining their current price model for the 800 series but making the flagships more powerful than the Titan.

    Imagine how fast a $400 titan would sell.

  • Jessenia Lopez

    Consoles are way better, deal with it

  • Junior

    Consoles brings more value plus a bluray player ;-D

  • swinny

    Who is the target market for this?

  • 7uff1

    The Wii U’s GPU is a modified Radeon E6760 from what I’ve heard, isn’t it? .-.

  • Alex


  • awesome_farts

    I built a pc with a gtx 660ti in feb. and that alone with an i5 3570k and 8gb ram will anihilate next gen consoles. All games I run 1080p native /60 fps with performance monitored thru msi afterburner and it wont budge or dip from 60fps, no stutter or screen tearing what so ever. Will only struggle or screen tear when I try to do around 90 fps or more. But value wise, consoles will be more reasonable and economical as that’s all they’re geared for. No 64 bit OS and a ton of drivers etc. Etc…. Just a one time payment and maybe an online sub if u into MP. Then again, pc at can go online MP without a subscription so is has next gen beat there.

  • Dr_Monsngod

    so its a pc…
    only consolified.

  • awesome_farts

    Its not really a pc or console, more a hybrid. An upgrade”able” console (far as hardware) or a really “strictly” gaming only pc that steam themselves (on their site somewhere in faq) said it’s primarily designed the OS for gamepad /living room HDTV first and foremost over mouse and keyboard / pc monitor hardcore elitist gamers. Yea, that pretty much sums it up. So, as far as gamepads that os will guarentee all pc games with full controller support atleast. If they take windows influence, gamepads can be 360 /ps 2 / any 3rd party WIRED gamepads. Thats all I use on my pc the select that allow controller support anyway.

  • Curtis Schneider

    I don’t know why everyone assumes that the SteamBox is primarily competition for consoles. I think it’s quite clear that while it does put it’s foot in the door of the console market, it’s more of a competition for Windows, at a time where WIndows 8 is widely hated by everyone who uses their PC for games. Also at a time where Microsoft has flipped Valve the bird in creating a lame “Windows Store”, which basically would be the death of Steam if they don’t fight back. Anyone with half a brain would build their own PC with parts bought direct from the internet, and SteamOS gives an option for a good free operating system that will hopefully be compatible with almost every game that comes out.

  • I agree. I hope this release on any of them ;-)

  • Escopablobar

    Basically a pc minus Windows. I like the move to Linux but the cost is still a bit prohibitive. The lowest spec machine is theoretically still more than the X1. I don’t own a gaming pc and probably never will. Unless Valve subsidizes these machines or have extremely low hardware requirements for their OS and software this whole initiative will be an exercise in futile failure. Casuals nor core gamers who traditionally game on consoles will not suddenly go out and buy new pcs just to play pc games on the couch. They would have done that already.

  • Bobby Griffin

    i will buy one for sure. Im an console gamer but always wanted to go p.c but didnt know how to build one. So i will own this and an xbox one

  • watcher278

    Bad call on Valve to use Nvidia GPU, they won’t be able to leverage the advances made on the consoles which are both AMD. If it had been a AMD based, for game developers they would easily port over their highly optimized AMD games to the Steam Box no prob, but now it probably isnt even worth it given the size of the Steam Box userbase. Sure you’ll get the “PC” version but it won’t run as well as the AMD based console versions..

  • zRude

    Too bad PCs are the best… Deal with it.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    PC gaming I love it, but the average person will have a hard time with the setups and requirements. I feel Value knows this and will fix that issue.

  • deSSy2724

    1. It really is not based on the Power7 arhitecture, its just a PowerPC based (same arhitecture as the CPU from GC and Wii, just tri-core, clocket etc).

  • Clifton Walton

    That’s an opinion, deal with it.

  • KevinCormier

    horrible troll

  • deSSy2724

    1. The Wii U CPU is really not based on Power7, IBM super computers are using Power7 cores and Power7 consumes too much electricity/watts and as we all know, the whole Wii U system is “eco-friendly”. Furthermore, the Wii U CPU is based on PowerPC 750 (modified but also very similar to the GC arhitecture). PowerPC 750 has nothing to do with Power7. Ask Hector Martin, fail0verflow and Wiikey hackers (real Wii U hackers), they all said its not based on Power7, they all said its mostly based on the old GC arhitecture but modified and the CPU is really not powerful for today standards.

    2. I dont know about the HD4770, i just know its not confirmed to be HD4770. The GPU is secret….. so, it could be pretty much anything. Fact is, its more like a low end GPU (you just need to look at the size of the GPU, how much watt it consumes etc and its pretty much obivious on its own that its a low end GPU).

    The Wii U problem is not the GPU (even if thats the worst GPU on market), why? Because its easy to sacriface the visuals/graphics IF YOU WANT, they can sacriface the graphics in real time inside the editor, easy and fast (its 21century, no more 1970-90). The GPU (low end or high end) just needs to support the same modern and programmable shaders etc.

    Now….. the BIG and i would say the ONLY Wii U problem for multiplatform games but also games in general is the CPU (weak compared to PS4/X1 CPUs, slightly stronger than the PS3/Xbox360 CPU), thats why we dont/wont see too much PS4/X1 ports over to Wii U. The thing is, its not actually only about graphics aka GPU…. thats not the main reason why we wont see too much ports from PS4/X1 consoles over to Wii U.

    Let me explain it….. the difference in MULTIPLATFORM games between consoles and PC in general is pretty much ONLY IN GRAPHICS and here and there more triangles/polygons, more characters on screen, more vehicles on screen or more players in multiplayer games (vehicle/player count is all CPU related). Thats why we can read somewhere: “consoles are holding the gaming industry” in terms of better visuals, better physics etc. At first, it sounds like bias or what not, but when you think about it, its 100% truth. Why? example, imagine a 2013 game with “minimum system requirements = GTX 780, i7 or similar”. Yes, truth is, gaming would be to expensive but on the other side, we would see to much improvements, not only in visuals but also in much better physics, AI, collisions etc (all the CPU related things means better gameplay, new ideas, new posibilities etc). So, if you say: “hardware doesnt matters, gameplay matters” that doesnt makes too much sense, its actually only true when you speak about the GPU, but when you speak about the CPU its simply not true. Developers are making games with consoles IN MIND, not PCs in mind… thats why consoles are holding the technology back.

    So, the question some would ask me: “explain me, when all that is true, then why dont they just make games only for high end hardware?”. Easy answer, the game industry needs MONEY, the “mass market” is the biggest market (money) and thats not the “high end market” and also, game sales are better on consoles……

    However, THE TRUTH IS…. in multiplatform games, there is no difference between consoles and PC in all physics calculations, animations, AI, collisions and other calculations etc. So, basically, there is no difference between console and PC in gameplay mechanics. So, all those mentioned gameplay mechanics are CPU related and for example, if the “CPU A” is way underpowered compared to the “CPU B”, then the port is not possible because they should sacriface the physics, AI, collisions etc too (CPU related) and that wouldnt be the same game. You need examples? you can compare FarCry Wii vs FarCry PS3/360…. same name but NOT the same game (the wattered down port for Wii wasnt possible at all), reason: Wii-s GPU and CPU is way too underpowered compared to the CPU/GPU in Xbox360 and PS3.
    Im a Nintendo fan (i also play on Sony consoles and PC) but sorry, thats the truth :(

  • retromufc

    That’s the best thing about consoles and why they even compete. They may be slightly under powered and not upgradable but they make up for it in simplicity. Its nice just popping a game in and not having to worry about OS update, graphics updates, system crashes, tweaking graphics, etc.

  • deSSy2724

    Well, i agree…. Wii U is basically 7th gen when counting hardware specs (just slightly stronger than PS3/360 when counting RAM and GPU) but at the same time you are doing two things wrong:

    1. You are comparing two games with completely different art style, really?
    2. The term: “next gen” has nothing to do with hardware specs, you should know that already.

    Yes, like i said…. hardware wise, Wii U is underpowered for today standards but cmon…

  • Jin

    glorified Alienware? no thanks.

  • ahlun

    PC specs will always be the best, consoles can never compete with them. But what consoles do best is that it eliminates users/players to worry about technical spec, and just start the game and play.

  • Ramon

    Ok, this is as obvious attempt at traffic whoring as it gets, let’s keep facts in sight please:

    Valve’s (PROTOTYPES) SteamBox/Steam Machine specs are as follows:

  • kewlrats

    Thanks guys! I’ve done some updating to the spreadsheet. Feel free to let me know if you see any errors. :)

  • 7uff1

    But the PS4/Xbox One CPUs are low end CPUs, 8 cores but do not have a great performance, while Wii U’s CPU with only 3 cores has an extremely low pipeline and 3MB of cache, it’s low end too but when you compare it, it’s not that worse.

  • Clarence Thompkins II

    Firmware are OS updates, but I see your point plug in the power plug in the HDMI play…unless you’re an Xbone

  • Commander Jim

    Uh guys, hate to bust your fantasy but you’ve forgotten one crucial aspect – size. These things are hardly going to be the size of desktops, that would kind of defeat the purpose. They are supposed to be console sized. Someone explain to me how those components, which wouldn’t even come close to fitting in a small form factor desktop, are going to fit into a console sized case? And even if they did, how are they going stop from overheating in about two seconds? It would require huge modifications to the components and an insane cooling system. Meaning $$$$

  • ParkerAVG

    but dont forget, you can build your own steambox with all AMD parts and then just install steamOS.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I agree 100% power isn’t everything. I’m personally just glad there a gaming machine type for every person out there these days.

  • Dakan45

    its a system for smart people. Get games cheaper, get the system that suit your needs, upgrade it when and if you want, customize the controls to what you want.

  • heavenshitman1

    A “pc” for my living room is exactly something I’m interested in. I got a decent PC (in an adjacent computer room) but not remotely enough free space left in the living for a desktop system to hang around, and too great a distance to get an HDMI cable going from my box to the living room TV.
    I’m sure I’ll figure something out, but in spite of the fact I’m almost a perfect candidate for this ‘Steam machine’, I’m still likely to just get a Windows based system. Maybe just a more compact unit (I have a full tower), or if I might be able to find some unlikely way to stream my video and gaming inputs wirelessly.

  • Ryan Clement

    Wow what a load of uneducated bull. The reason this console cycle is AMD is because Nvidia refused to manufacture sub par processors just to fit another companies price points. Don’t get me wrong, AMD is fine but this idea that the next consoles will be doing something new and crazy is just pure nonsense. Hell the PS4 and XBONE don’t even have the features of my 2 year old PC. At the moment Intel and Nvidia crush the competition for sheer computational power, but again this is moot so long as both can play the games. Going with Nvidia is an amazing way to separate themselves form the crappy ‘next gen’ consoles that Sony and MS will pawn off to their penned sheep. I expect to see AMD videocards in alternate box configurations as well for Steam OS which, according to their own press release is kinda the point. The last generation of consoles was AMD as well and I don’t recall missing a single ‘advancement’ made by consoles. I’m quite sure I was laughing at how terrible they were compared to pc’s then as well. Consoles are outdated hardware before the first one ships off the production line. Any ‘advancements’ are the product of an over active imagination.

  • watcher278

    Hahaha u think the next gen consoles are weaker than current PC… maybe compared to the latest high end PC cards.. maybe but the next gen consoles are using unified compute models where the CPU / GPU / Memory are all unified ( and just leaving out the specialized hardware for realtime video encoding and data processing like Kinect and streaming), there isn’t anything like that on PC yet, not until AMD releases their next gen PC architecture with unified compute and shared memory model.

    Nvidia skipping out on the next gen consoles has marginalized them from game technology. Why do u think AMD is releasing Mantle, why do u think AMD is utilizing the unified compute model for the next gen PC devices, why do u think console developers are optimizing for AMD devices? Already next gen games are using the unified compute model to do things no PC game has ever done, with actually fluid dynamics integrated right into the game and not as some special fx running on the GPU. Again Valve made a mistake or was “paid” to use Nvidia, their mistake since the next gen will be all AMD.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    Too bad PCs don’t even have half as good games as Consoles do… And power doesn’t make a good platform, games does, deal with it.

  • zRude

    Too bad they have far better games than consoles ever had or ever will have… Deal with it <3

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    LOL, don’t make me laugh, dude. Have you EVER played a console exclusive?

  • zRude

    Yup. Halos. Gears of wars in XO and heavy rain in ps3. And still they do not beat the games on PC. But this is my opinion, and console tards don’t know of any better, since they cant afford to buy a proper PC.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    You actually played games that actually I haven’t played which means you don’t know shiet about real console games. But whatever, go continue counting pixels in your PC’s games, because that’s the only thing which you care about while playing games.

  • Barney Lopez


    OS: PC’s its option to update your OS while consoles do.
    Graphics updates: Other then DLC content there is none (which both PC and consoles have)
    System crashes: Consoles have more frequent crashes/freezes
    Tweaking graphics: sounds like you’re making stuff up :P (look to graphics)
    They’re not slightly underpowered they need a huge buff in PC specs.

  • Barney Lopez

    Halo and gears are “real”(?) console games. Halo and gears has gotten Game of The Year.
    There is a lot more pixels on the PC so unless if you have a giant monitor it doesn’t make look pixelated like console games. You obviously never owned a gaming PC and played games like Blacklight retribution, warframe, or Team fortress 2 (all free and awesome games)
    Why not try PC gaming instead of raging like a typical console stereotype?

  • zRude

    Cause he is poor and ignorant console fanboy, who will never learn the wonders of PC gaming.

  • zRude

    Enjoy your low quality graphics as much as you want, Consoles will never beat PC at any level after all. So please, do keep crying about it.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    Actually I played on PC and I still do, but ONLY MMOs, because they’re the only games that are worth owning PC if you already have a console with hundred times funnier games. Also Blacklight and Warframe will be also on Consoles, so bitch please.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    Yeah, yeah, keep dreaming. Graphics doesn’t mean better, idiot.

    Most of PC games are for brainless shooter fanboys, who only care about graphics. Consoles have more exotic games which have emotions and alot of fun inside of them. Honestly the only game on PC which can compare with games which I had the most fun with is WoW, but that’s it.

  • zRude

    Never said that graphics makes the games better.

    But it still does not change the FACT that PC is and always will be, the superior gaming platform. No matter how much you cry and pull your ridiculously over used retard card ” pc graphs omg lol ” as a ignorant little console fanboys always do, since they do not know of anything better than their “awesome” console exclusives. Too bad PC’s have thousands awesome of those, then Consoles only have few. So i let you be and deal with the fact, that PC… will always be the no1,. Your bitter fanboy tears will not change that fact.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    wow, you done? You are the 1 who is crying now, y’know. Consoles are legendary, PCs are for shooters, MMOs and RTS games. Deal with it.

  • zRude

    That is just your ignorant opinion. And PC still stays the no1 gaming platform. period ! bye bye <3

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    You say I’m ignorant, yet, you’re the 1 who is rage quitting, cuz u can’t see the facts. Whatever, do as you please.

  • zRude

    Haven’t you ever heard the word; Do not feed the troll?
    But anyways, There are only FEW actually GOOD games that have NOT been released on PC at some point. Even first gears of war came to pc. So yeah, you cannot really say that console have all the good games and PC only have some shitty shooters mmos and rts”es. Most of the fresh and awesome indie games comes only to PC, SKYRIM and such are FAR superior on PC, cause you can actually mod em. There’s no modding community on consoles. But yea, the plug and play method of the consoles is to cheesy easy, i know why peoples love em. But just for info, if you have not heard of the upcoming game Star Citizen ? That game is only possible on PC. And will only come to PC.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    Mods are the only thing which i’d like to have on consoles as well, but I don’t need them so much since games are better on consoles. I’m not even talking about big titles which you’ve already spoken, I’m talking about smaller titles, too, that can also bring you a lot of joy. And about that Citizen game; I’m not fan of Space games at all, but from the looks of it – Next Gen consoles would handle it, easily. did you saw the Dark sorcerer Tech Demo on PS4? It only used MINIMUM of PS4 capabilities.

  • zRude

    Too bad the game developer himself said that Star Citizen is only possible on PC. And just so you know. PC is flooded by smaller games and indie games. And the games aint any better on consoles compared to PC. In PC they are pretty much the same, but you have more freedom on tweaking the game to your liking.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    I didn’t play an indie game that would take me longer than 30-45min to get bored of it. I’ll propably skip them even on PS4 which will have a lot of them.

    And no, PC and PS games (not only PS4 or PS3, but all PS’s) are different, seriously. I’m not talking about X1, cuz X1 is the 1 that will have similar games to the PC ones, cuz both systems are made by MS, obviously. For example: Shinobido: Way of the Ninja – it looks so simple at the beginning, but the interaction, havoc and everything what you can do – makes it surprisingly good and you want more. I didn’t have such a good time with any of PC games, except WoW. And then, there comes in: Crash Bandicoot series, Metal Slug, Star Gladiators, FF series, exclusive Racing Games like GT series, some of Ninja Gaiden Games, God of War III, Anime-based games (not talking about low quality ones like Mugen) KH series, LBP2, Many Fighting Games that didn’t come out on PC, like SC series. Those are games which came to my mind in several seconds.

  • zRude

    Best PC Exclusive games.

    Gone Home,
    Arma Games,
    Several MoBas,
    Pretty much every MMO out there,
    All good RTS games including Star Craft II,
    Sim City,
    Trackmania 2 valley,
    Every FPS is far superior on PC,
    Wasteland 2,
    Stalker games,
    Gothic 1-3
    The Witcher,

    (Few of those games may or may not have come in some state to consoles, such as witcher 2 and 3 etc )

    But yeah, Whatever you like any of those games or not does not matter. Cause they are opinions and a matter of taste.

    But the simplicity and non modification options Consoles DO NOT HAVE, makes it inferior gaming platform compared to PC, no matter which platform have more games YOU happen to like more. Cause YOUR opinion does not change the fact that PC has more options to make the game(s) you play, just the way you want em to be played. And that is what makes the PC better from consoles. Oh yeah + PC can do pretty much everything else consoles cannot do. So instead of buying 400-500$ console and 10 games which all cost,,, around 50$
    You have already spent 900-1000$dollars. When you can save 10 to 20 $ when buying PC games. Not to mention rent em and getting punch of awesome games for few dollars from Humble Bundle and Steam Summer Sales…. So yeah. PC IS Superior in all possible ways. An your personal opinion wont change that fact.

    And by saving the console + few of its games costs. You can already buy a superior gaming PC.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    1. Gone Home – you have a lot of such games on PS3, but they are longer and are more original.

    2. Amnesia is a good game, but it can be easily replaced.

    3. Arma Games – oh, how original, another shooter/soldier game. Woohoo!… It doesn’t even look half as good as recent Shooters, it doesn’t even look like some of the shooters on PS3!

    4. Moba – I agree on that, but they get repetetive after some time.

    5. Most of the MMOs – what a bulls***, I played GW2, Lineage 2, Tera, Rift, Aion, Maple Story, WoW, Lord of the Rings, Vindictus, Warhammer (basically all of the “best” MMOs) and from all of them, the only Great MMO was WoW, just like I said already in previous posts. Other MMOs are very similar to each other, have lame/random climate and lack of Story + most of them have really annoying korean style character designgs and gameplay-wise.

    5. Hawken – another shooter… – BUT with MECHS! – So? There is coming Titanfall that looks much better than this, although it’s not coming on PS4 just yet, it was confirmed that it’s coming to M$’s platforms 1st and then propably on PS4 as well, cuz M$ payed them for this.

    6. I don’t play RTS games, but I know some of them are good, indeed.

    7. Outlast is also coming to PS4.

    8. SimCity? We have LBP2 that is much better and doesn’t cause going asleep while playing unless you’re very tired.

    9. Starbound – we have a lot of such games that most likely seems better.

    10. TrackMania 2 – I dunno what you see in this game, seriously. NFS series are much better.

    11. You do realize that you can have Sharp Shooter and Mouse & Keyboard on PS3 as well?

    12. Wasteland 2 – not fan of such games.

    13. Stalker – another shooter, another game that can be easily replaced.

    14. Magicka – haven’t played it, but it looks pretty cool.

    15. Gothic series – I always hated gameplay in it, the animations always made me laugh.

    16. The Witcher – I have played it like 3-4 months ago. It’s a good RPG game, but there are certainly much better titles. I haven’t played W2, but I’m getting W3 for PS4, that’s for sure.

    You should rly try Consoles – they have much better titles than these. I dunno if you listed these games based on your taste, but seriously, if you wanna have a gaming system – choose consoles.

    And if I’d like to make games, I’d just be a gaming Developer, now I’m just playing them.

    Gaming options? Like I said; mods is the only thing which I miss in SOME games from time to time, but that’s it.

    Have you ever heard of PS+? You get there 3 Free pretty new (this month is Far Cry 3 and MGR) games for free, have acces to the Beta Tests, etc. + you don’t need to be scared of viruses,
    hardware requirements and other that type of stuff.

  • zRude

    All those games you just replied, are YOUR opinions that does not matter at all. They are good games, in some other humans mind they are better than the games YOU like. Ever figured that out ? That not everyone thinks like you.

    But even all that crap you just shat from your mouth. It still not change the UNIVERSAL fact, that YOUR opinions WILL NOT change. That PC is a Superior platform for games in all possible ways. Either you keep shooting your personal non fact based opinions or just learn to live with it,

    Already in the start of Next gens and their so called “power” Most of the games runs on 900p. Few not so gpu stroking games will run at 1080p. And in worst cases few appears to be running at 720p… Same shitty resolutions we saw at PS3 / X 360. HOPEFULLY they get to hold of the consoles powers and can actually give out the long been STANDARD 1080p for all games.

    But when and if they actually manages to pull that off. PC Gamers are already enjoying the 4K Resolutions.

    And what you said about ArmA III… I thought you did not think Graphics was important? Why a sudden turn ?

    So yeah. Consoles will always be 3 steps behind PC, and thus far will always be inferior.

    How can they be good, if they cannot even squeeze out 1080p Resolution from start, a resolution standard that has been out here for years ?

    So yeah. PC 1 – Consoles 0. As it has always been.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    I don’t CARE for higher resolution if games itself are worst than the Console ones. And besides – from all of the exclusives you listed – none of them is using even half of the “Great Power” of PC which you – “PC elitists” (please, stop calling yourselves like this – that only proves that you’re buffoons) are talking about all the time.

    Why I said Arma games doesn’t even have a great graphics? Because there are a lot of military-FPS games, so the only way to distinguish them from each other are graphics, shooters have more or less similar gameplay to each other and BF3/4 are called the best shooters to date (well at least from all military ones), so I admit – I didn’t post that point while thinking about gameplay.

    And my “opinion” is the most accurrate opinion from all since MANY ppl would say I’m right. Based on what you experienced on consoles, you didn’t even experienced them at all.

    Why do you think consoles sells so well if most of ppl already have PCs and all they need to do is only upgrading them? Because consoles have better games. Example – PSVita vs 3DS. 3DS sells better than PSVita even though Vita is a stronger system. Why? Because 3DS has better games/has more Good games.

    Graphics aren’t and will never gonna be the most important in video games; no matter how much you’ll deny it. Also, PS will be getting more & more exclusives from PC each year while PC won’t get any of PS’s.

  • zRude

    No one said that graphics makes the game better. But of course you console douches cannot say that they do, cause you never had good graphics in the first place. Cannot want something that you have not experienced. And your opinion isn’t accurate at all. Sorry about that. Consoles restrict the innovation of game makers. Example no1: Developer thinks they should include some awesome idea in to the game, but they cannot do that since it would require too much power from the machine, and would sink the FPS too low from the choked 30 or 60. But in PC, they can do what ever the f*ck they want. Since they can just do overkill graphics on highest settings, cause if you cannot run it at that. Just decrease the settings. In Console they are way too chained on how they can do things.

    And you wanna know why consoles sells so well ?
    Cause world is literally filled with retards and lazy asses.
    They do not want to bother their little brains about keyboards, cause ooh ” it has too many buttons ! wtf imma suppose to do derp herp ” ( i have literally heard reasons like that )
    So they just want to pop the game in or even better, run it from their HD. Sit down on the couch with their fat lazy asses and sit in comfy position, playing their choked games, with mediocre experience.

    And Handhelds are in TOTALLY different league than consoles are. Handhelds are awesome way to kill time in boring buss / train trips etc etc. Cant really do that with normal consoles eh ?

    Consoles = Simplified under powered machines that goes old really fast, that stupid consumer masses buys.

    PC = Universal entertaining system, with unlimited options and ways to do anything you want.

    You can live in your little fantasy world and think consoles are superior. But that is as retarded as believing in gods and other religion bs.

    Just because few millions peoples think this way, does not mean they are right.

    Final nail to the coffin. Nothing you try to desperately sh*t from your mouth, has no value. End of case, bye bye !

  • kewlrats

    You guys both know that adoption of gaming on mobile devices far outpaces gaming adoption on PC or consoles, right?

    Just throwin’ that out there.

  • zRude

    Yup, Handhelds and tablets / smart phone gaming did pretty much explode. Small simple games to make your time go faster in boring short events of the day. Yeah they are games, but cannot be compared that much to proper for example AAA Games.
    Handhelds wrestles in totally different league from PC and Consoles.

    Tho if i remember right. Handhelds are in superior position in east. Japan for example i think.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    You talk about lowered graphics to make them able to convert games to console… What about exclusives, then? PC ex’es don’t look impressive, yet, you aren’t whining about them.

    And I DID experienced “awesome” graphics on PC several times, so what? They’re just graphics – Cysis games are so popular only thx to the graphics, while their gameplay is just ok (many ppl said the same thing).

    PC gamers MOSTLY play FPS and RTS games where graphics seems to be the most important and I’m not rly surprised since, like I have already said, FPS games are very similar gameplay-wise to each other.

    If you’d play other titles, too, with awesome, different gameplay – MAYBE you wouldn’t cry out loud every time you lose framerate from 60 to 55 and had 1 pixel less on your monitor.

    To ppl, the Experience is the most important, they choose system based on it, sure, they can be lazy asses and they can choose system which is easier for them in use, but there are also ppl who take the system based on taste of games; some ppl take Wii U over any platform and in their opinion it’s superior, because there – games are more enjoyable for them.

    PC is an universal system indeed, but it doesn’t make it best of all, because of it. At least – not for gaming. And you can’t do EVERYTHING on it, you can’t play on sharp shooter on it, you can’t use PS Move, you can’t use remote play, you can’t dance like an idiot in front of camera (I mean you can, but it wouldn’t affect the game…), etc. – you won’t be able to do that unless some1 will invent such possibilities.

    You can talk about options and other stuff as much as you want, but it won’t change the fact that consoles have better games than PC. PC is good for shooter, RTS and MMO lovers, but you don’t have much of Fighting Games, JRPGS and other game kinds that Console users have a lot (none indies) + in a great quality (I’m not talking about visuals here). PC is a nest of Indie Games, but the greater quality games only comes from AAA developers which are mutiplatform. Sad, isn’t it?

    Why are you even involving religion into this discussion? Are you rly that mad? If you’re atheist and disrespect other ppl views in the world – that’s your problem, not mine.

  • zRude

    ((PC gamers MOSTLY play FPS and RTS games where graphics seems to be the
    most important and I’m not rly surprised since, like I have already said, FPS games are very similar gameplay-wise to each other.))

    Well, theres only that many options to make FPS really unique experiment from another. But games that had pretty unique and awesome gimmicks in it was PREY and In Singularity.
    Even tho PREY did came for pc and xo and Singularity did came for ps3, xo and pc. But FPS is still FPS. And FPS games are meant to be played on PC.

    Dont forget MMOs, taht people are pretty much only playing on PC.
    There are some MMOs in consoles i think. Some shitty Final fantasy etc etc.

    ((And you can’t do EVERYTHING on it, you can’t play on sharp shooter))

    If you mean sharpshooter as some wii controls or lame body tracking systems or the toy guns you pint at the screen? No, I haven’t heard any developer who would have bothered to make such a thing for PC.
    Cause nobody would buy that crap. ( except console kids )

    ((you can’t use PS Move, you can’t use remote play, you can’t dance like an idiot in front of camera))

    No, but you can easily install Kinect to PC, which is far better than some PS Move.

    And i see absolutely no purpose for remote play.
    To be able to do that, you need to be in close range to your console for it to work. And if you are in the close proximity to your console… Why would you ever bother to start to play on some inferior controls and on tiny ass screen ?
    Yeah, its a nice gimmick. But that’s all it is.

    And no, don’t think we have any proper dancing games.
    But we have those weird dance mats and stuff.
    But peoples who actually play dance games, are on its own a unique category.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    1. Oculus Rift? Did you know that there are many companies that are inventing it? Even the polish ones. And did you know that Sony wanted to show their own prototype on E3 or some other event?

    2. Remote play is for ppl who aren’t near their house or when you want to play games while some1 watches TV under which the Console is plugged.

    As for NVidia Shield, because many PC games don’t have controller’s support, on NVS – they also don’t work. And PSV has better optimization than NVS.

    3. As for MMOs – most of them are very, very average. I could find some fun only in few of them. And the “best” of them that are F2P also are coming to PS4 (Warframe, Planetside 2, Warthunder, Blacklight Retribution, DCUO and more and more in the future)

    4. Kinect is better than PS Move? Sure, if you are a Kid. PSM is more for mature ppl, you can play shooters and fighting games there, at least, without any problems with controls (there are many Kinect games that have control issues)

    5. Sharp Shooter is actually a cool thing that makes the gaming experience quite different, especially with 3D support.

  • zRude

    1. There are only ONE company that invented oculus rift.
    But hundreds of other companies are WORKING with their oculus rift product, to make their games support it. And if you can read. They are only making it at the moment for PC and mobile devices.

    2. Yeah, so remote play is basically needed if the family is poor and cannot afford to buy more than 1 TV . But in that case they should not have money for such remote play device either.
    But you can actually play almost all games on PC with a gaming control. But depends on a game is such an action smart or not.
    Cause some PC games needs more than 10 buttons to be played.

    3. And once again, Even if you do not like MMOs except WoW Or did like it. Does not mean that the other hundred million people who are playing em, isn’t. Get that already to your ignorant thick skull ffs.

    4. Kinect IS better than PS Move. And the one that comes with Xbone, is even better. And yeah shitty quick cash games usually have poor gameplay. PS Move is for kids.

    5. Sharp Shooter May be nice IF in that persons opinion, it is nice to stand in front of the screen aiming it with a toy gun. Once again. OPINION BASED MATTER !

    Opinions does not over-rule the facts.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup
  • zRude

    Yeah. That is not oculus rift.

    ((Oculus Rift? Did you know that there are many companies that are inventing it?))

    Maybe it is because of your poor English skills. But that clearly says that many companies are inventing Oculus rift.

    Oculus rift is just a name for their product. And now shitstation is trying to copy them for easy cash in.

    But good that console kids gets their new level toys too.
    But too bad its only 720p… When the final release for market of oculus rift will be 1080p. And soon PC Gamers enjoys their 4k resolutions. When next gen hardly manages to pull of 1080.

    So yeah. I was still right.
    IT is completely different thing, if other companies are starting to copy Oculus rift, for building their own virtual reality goggles.

    *chuckles* Indeed. Learn to speak proper English dimwit :3

    And kinda sad that you did not reply to anything else. Maybe you cannot think up anymore of your bullshit to reply that x3

    I feel sorry for you.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    I didn’t reply to anything else, because I have a life. And you still are holding same crap over and over again. Gmeplay>>>>>Graphics. PS’s games have better gameplay and PC is only winning at graphics’ category, and besides – it will change with a matter of time – when graphics in games will achieve the maximal possible level. And THEN you won’t have anything on your defense.

    Besides, what would you play on your PC if your online connection would crush? Indie games?

  • zRude

    Games i would play if i had no internet and what i already own.
    Alan Wake
    Skyrim ( 100x better experience in PC than on consoles )
    Telltale Games. ( In case you do not know the company. LOL )
    Broken Sword
    Darksiders II
    Dead Space 1,2,3
    Orc Must Die
    Portal 1,2
    Sacred 2
    X3 + DLC’s
    + many MANY more.

    And i honestly could not believe i saw you say that.
    YOU HONESTLY think that there will be absolute barrier on game graphics at some point in our lifetime?
    The time that happens, is the time when game graphics are on bar with the reality, and games are played in virtual reality chairs ( for example in matrix )
    And that is FAR FAR in future. And by that time, there will not be consoles vs pc’s. There will only be computers,
    And the computers itself will most likely be completely different build that they are these days.
    And till that point. Consoles will always be inferior to PCs.
    That is a fact you have to learn to live with,
    or live in a lie you created with your own believes.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    So you will play Indie games and games that are already on consoles…

    Sure, Skyrim IS better on PCs, but when it’s full of mods.

    There are ppl who enjoy playing on consoles more than on PC and Vice Versa. Although most PC players rather their PCs, because of graphics, which obviously is not a new statement. This discussion is getting too repetetive and boring with each post…

  • zRude

    Some peeps rather watch smooth game play instead of jagged edges and stuttering frame rate.
    But the thing is. Not for 7 years when i have lived on my own, have my internet been down even a single day.
    Maybe its different in Murica.
    But PC also has so much cheaper games than consoles have.
    Yah you get some free OLD games most people already own already with the ps gold thingies or something.
    But in PC, there are sales all the freaking time.
    Steam sales saves you loads of money.
    And sometimes humble bundle includes AAA games for just few dollars.
    But prices are different ofc depending of the country. But overall PC Games are cheaper in all cases.

    And you make it sound like indie games are worse than some of your “awesome console only” games.

    Too bad you are so blind for the reality.

  • onigiuri0

    Since PC is way better than consoles, consoles have 16gb ram, Computer can have 64gb ram, 8tb memory, with resolution 1600x… , consloes only can 1080p max, min 420p, alot of games on consoles are 720p in pc min 1280x…
    It run much more faster and realist in PC.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    Becuase THEY ARE better than Indies.

  • zRude

    Not in all occasions. Sometimes even the biggest companies shove in literally shitty ass broken games for easy cash in.
    And please. STOP yelling your personal opinions as facts.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    I have never played a bad PS exclusive, mediocre at best. But there are a lot of indies that are just very bad. Also, Indies lack a lot – even the best of them; Gone Home – Very short, Minecraft – gameplay, Happy Wheels – funny, but gets very repetetive after several minutes, lacked map editor, etc.

    Also, I forgot to add in my previous post – OLD GAMES??

    The oldest game which I found in PS+ was from previous year.

  • Jessenia Lopez


  • zRude

    Well first of all there are ico and shadow of the colossus.

    They are really old games. So there are old games in PS+ even if you haven’t happened to see em. Once again your knowledge does not over rule the facts.

    But i will list here the only REAL PS3 exclusive games that MAYBE i have bothered to play if i would have wasted money on that console:

    Beyond: Two Souls
    The Last Of Usand MGS games.

    That’s 3 games in total i would consider interesting enough to waste my money on.
    And honestly there ain’t that many BIG amount of really awesome PS3 exclusives.
    But please do list ALL only PS3 platform games you did enjoy.

    But then again. Xbone does have better exclusives than PS4.
    Even tho they kinda failed hard. But does not bother me, since i will never waste my money on consoles again.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup


    – LBP2
    – KH1.5 HD (and 2.5 soon)
    – Infamous 1 and 2
    – NUNS1 (before you say that it’s 3rd game has lately come to PCs, you should know that 1st NUNS was the best gameplay-wise)
    – MGS Legacy Collection
    – KZ3
    – Resistance 2 Multiplayer – Cooperative Mode
    – Uncharted series
    – God of War 3 and Ascension
    – Journey
    – Modnation
    – Demon’s Souls
    – Valkyria Chronicles
    – DmC 3 (PS Store)
    – Crash Bandicoot games (PS Store)
    – Shadow of the Colossus (PS Store)
    – FFVII (PS Store)
    – PS All Stars
    – Metal Slug Series (PS Store. BEST of ALL 2D games which I have EVER played! Especially MS3)
    – Bleach: Soul Resureccion
    – Malicious
    – Tales of Xilia
    – Okami (PS Store)

    And other cool Titles that aren’t on PC, but are on other consoles, as well:

    – Soul Calibur V
    – DB RB1 and 2
    – Ninja Gaiden series
    – GTA V
    – FFXIII
    – DBZ Burst Limit
    – DBZ Budokai HD Collection
    – Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    (There are certainly much more games, but I only remember these few)

    BTW PS2’s games are even better (that may be sad, but true). There wasn’t a platform which I had as much fun with, as with PS2.

    Also, how can X1’s Ex’es be better than PS4’s? Fable, Project Spark and Ryse will be interesting, but the rest?

    + we will have PCs one of the best games, so we already won.

  • zRude

    +1 For the effort of linking almost every PS3 exclusive in the market.

    Tho Metal Slug isn’t PS exclusive. Did not bother to check all those games cause 85% of em is just utter crap ( in my opinion )

    But all those games you linked. would cost around 2.100 euros in my country.

    When all those games in PC pricing would have cost around
    1,400 euros.

    So yeah. But when it comes to graphics. The war between X1 and PS4 is pretty much just all about “OMFG xBONE is so weak cant even do 1080p on new games ! lololloolol enjoy your shitty graphics etc etc ”

    So when it comes to war between consoles. The graphic and power appears to be the main reason to be retard.
    But when argument changes to Consoles vs PC
    It is suddenly ” Omfg its not all about graphics ! enjoy your shitty games with full HD lolololol ”

    And thus far this only proves how utterly stupid console fanboys are. Specially the PS / xbox fanboys.

    Real gamers buys all platforms anyways. And so would i, if i would have money for such a thing. Not to mention buying the over priced games for consoles. When in PC you get it loads cheaper + can run it better.

    And Once again. PS fanboys gets the best PC games ?
    Too bad the best PC games could not even run on your shitty weak ass little consoles, with your slow and sluggish little game pads.

    So yeah. Once again. PC 1 – Consoles 0.
    And always will be. Live with it.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    1. I wanted to place MS to the 2nd section “Titles that aren’t on PC, but are on other consoles, as well”, but in the end I forgot about it.

    2. You haven’t even played those games, while I have played PC games.

    3. I rather PS4 than X1, because Sony doesn’t rape their consumers like M$ wanted to do before they got rid of DRMs + because of ex’es, joypad, better design, fact that I was playing on every Sony console (except Vita) and Trophies.

    4. “Could not”, but Can now :) BTW try to play any other game type than just Shooter/MMO/RTS on your “awesome” Keyboard and Mouse.

    And be aware that more and more F2P games and Indies from PC will go to PS4, while none of PS’s games will go to PC ;)

    Oh, and how many times PC gamers begged for Console games’ port, like: Dark Souls, GTA V, The Division, etc., etc.?

  • zRude

    1. Metal Slug is for PC too. Just so you know.

    2. I have played most of those games on my friends places.
    I wasnt enjoying any of em.

    3. I had some trouble to understand your… english in this one.
    But even i agree that when it comes to jsut console itself,
    PS4 is a better investment than xbone. Since PS4 have more

    power than xbone, and is like 100 $ / € Cheaper. And they

    even learned to make their conbtroller to fir larger hands better.
    Even tho they admitted themself that they were trying the
    xbox stick placements too. But ended up staying in the old sony

    4. Other games than Shooters / mmos / RTS’s ?
    You mean like simulators ? And proper joystick / controller
    setup for em ? PC isnt just about keyboard and mouse.
    There are countless of accessories for PC when it comes
    to controllers. ( yes. More than for your consoles )
    And yeh. PS and microsoft both made the smart move
    to support indie developers. It would been a mayor
    mistake not to do that. And true. PC gamers wants few of

    the actually good console games for PC, and they usually
    end up getting em. ( and when they do, they are not
    exclusives anymore now are they? )
    But it is kinda weird that the smaller exclusive game
    developers aint making em for PC in the first place.
    Yes PC have loads of piracy, but so does consoles.
    Even tho PC is always the biggest evil when it comes
    to that. Since if they would make em for console(s) + PC
    From the start. It would incrase their customer base.
    And thus far would most likely bring in more money
    than just developing it for one platform.
    And sad truth is. When it comes to entertaining industry.
    It is all about the money and profit.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    The part where I said “try to play any other game type than just Shooter/MMO/RTS on your “awesome” Keyboard and Mouse.” – was a reply to your – “too bad the best PC games could not even run on your shitty weak ass
    little consoles, with your slow and sluggish little game pads”, where I meant that Joypads are made for Fighting games, Action games, Racing games, jRPGs, Action RPGs, Sports, etc. – they weren’t made specifically for 1 game type, they were made to fit every game type, more or less. And I think that the developers did a good job at it. You wouldn’t have chances if you’d play a fighting game with a keyboard against some1 who is using controller just like you wouldn’t have chances in a shooter if you’d use controller and your opponent M&K.

    PC is the most “famous” piracy platform, simply because it has the longest lifespan of all and well, you even download console games from it.

    As for the rest – I agree.

  • zRude

    Well. You can play any game in console with keyboard and mouse. Difference is how well the developers bothers to tweak em. So keybaords and mouse are as universal as game pad is.
    But ofc, some of the controller accessories will work better than the original keyboard and mouse. Specially in simulators.
    Even fighting games works on keyboard. Tho best controller for fighting games are those joystick + several button… thingies.
    So yeah. Since gamepads have basically joysticks in em, they can be more … universal for all sort of games.
    But there are always a better option out there, if you are willing to pay for it.

  • Steve

    Wow dude r u done, they are completely right, consoles costs under $300 after the initial launch, develop games faster(less details) have less features and no ability to modify. The power is ridiculously low( About 20% in most cases) And they are made for the mass public, not Pro hardcore gamers, who should know how unreliable and weak they are. You having this low pointless argument cements that fact, you only play console and WoW, like 15 million other people on the internet, and your view is entirely to narrow. It is non upgradable, contains NO OS, just a menu and basic guide system, and The ONLY advantage is the controller and the fact that frame rate is locked, so nobody notices that 60 fps looks much smoother and enjoyable. And PCs can connect those controllers. The only difference is games, games made for console controllers, which allows in some cases more precise aiming and movement, but far less button hotkeys for sure, proven in almost every game. The developers make the games, the consoles compare to a low end PC, if you took out all the functionality, and left only a graphics card, cpu , ram and hard drive, giving it extra power by streamlining its abilities to ONLY play video and audio, and input commands from a High-quality(speed reaction time) controller, which is why I preferred wired controllers, faster compute time. sl

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    Games, games and 1 more time – games! You think that I didn’t consider uprading a PC rig? I did, but I rather to have my PS4 1st, cuz I know I will have more fun there than on PC which is just a nest of Indies and MMOs which are the only ex’es there right now. Besides, I don’t even need to upgrade my PC since I play games which don’t even require a better specs 2 have max settings. However If I’d have to choose between X1 and gaming PC – I’d take PC, without a doubt.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    And there are titles that are much better than those which were ported to PC, you may dislike them, but it’s ok since every1 has different taste, but that just means that you did a good choice for a gaming system for yourself.

  • Steve

    True, sorry was a bit aggressive I thought you were simply just a console player and not open minded because of your strong opinion on the matter but I do agree with you as well, I do think many games are optimized for console gaming, but that in fact is my opinion based on my skills with a controlled compared to mouse and keyboard. But when it does come down to it the sheer numbers say that PC is better hardware And better software, as it has been out for much longer andis basically never going to havethe backwards compatibility option, and digital media runs much ffaster on a PC, consoles can’t handle digital as well, maybe next gen will have better luck. Yes some games make up for the advantage that PC has Halo, shooters, racing, even adventure like uncharted god of war,last of us, because it feels like you have more fine tuned control with a console, because of the controllers. But in the end, if as much time or less is spent optimizing those same games for PC, all in all you will have a better looking and better frame rate game, which you can plug in a controller to play, and change the buttons to whatever you like. Everyone has their own opinion, but many PC people would say that mouse and keyboard gives much more options, while console doesn’t and is limited by the speed of thumb sticks. I say that is fixed with 180° turn button combos etc, and it is just easier to coordinate on a controller because you utilize the parts of yourhands best for each thing-index for pressing fast and thumbs for ssmooth-endurance and control. So I agree with you, but I am also a PC person, Xbox and PC, PlayStation didn’t have my favorite games so stuck with Xbox first gen the whole time sinceit launched, had Nintendo 64 then GameCube before that,those controllers where actually great for super smash and fighting games, even pretty good for 007 shooting games, agent under fire and nightfire were great, had artificial intelligence to play multiplayer with which was great before online play. Xbox you had Xbox connect, which needed a PC to find an IP to link with but that was impressive for a console back then. Halo shooters all the way until I stopped in 2007 or so and only played hear and there, gears of war need for speed most wanted, hot pursuit later on, great games, most wanted is a favorite. Didn’t play enough to buy more than those triple A titles, Call of Duty online didn’t draw me like halo did, the lack of custom games to explore and glitch and etc, just constant killing gets old after an hour at a time. But PC I started right after n64, first StarCraft and stronghold(great game to mess around in) and the infamous Diablo 2, still best game ever made, diablo 3 gets shitted on, an updated HD diabko 2 I would still be playing over any game, and Igo back to diablo2 ever few years and binge for a few months till iI have a good setup on a few new char builds, then stop for so long that I lose it all after 90 days, must have lost 15g or more by now, first two times I quit at around 15 and 16 and lost 4gs worth and 5gs worth, I bottled the second time around, all legit gear though, and not the cheap not that exploited I used a non map hack etc not that used basic tricks and glitches to find the best guess for the next stairway or level. And it used a mouse clicking system that had to wait to have the fake”mouse” icon move as fast as a human would, so I wouldn’t strain my old PC running just 2 bots, lol. Fun times, diablo 2 is so awesome, and I could not have played any of those games on a console, both because of power and clock speed, graphics limitations with frame rate, but because they RTS and RPG, mmo and mmorpg simply can never be on a console, at least not yet.

  • Sean Hayden

    “other than dlc content there are no graphics updates”
    We’re talking about upgrading your computer’s video cards you dumbass.

  • Sean Hayden

    They’re games for casuls.

  • Sean Hayden

    thaht iz jast ur agnorunt oPINyun.
    me leiks buyying gaime nd pattin iht ihn nd plying nut wurryin aboot grafix ohr ramm ohr 16 fanz tew col iht duwn.

  • Sean Hayden

    Obviously you keep feeding it.

  • Sean Hayden

    Probably wasn’t kept in the loop about the next-gen consoles.

  • Sean Hayden

    You don’t do anything in Gone Home.
    Amnesia is not as good as Daylight.
    Arma is shit. Another, so realistic it’s boring.
    Not sure what Moba is.
    FFXII is better than any other RTS out there.
    Outlast is not an exclusive, so…
    Sim City, another great letdown in terms of servers.
    Not even sure what Starbound, Hawken, or Trackmania 2, but they sound very dumb.
    How are they superior? Graphics? Because that’s so important.
    Stalker games suck.
    Magica and Wasteland 2 suck.
    Gothic can be replaced with Dishonored.

    Whoah, did you just say that consoles DON’T have simplicity?

    If you gave my grandmother a PC and a manual of how to build it and how to install a game, she could probably install the game but nothing else. Give her a ps4 and a manual of how to set it up and she’s good right out of the box.

    And again, we pay for $1000 for 10 games and a console + tax. You pay $1500 for the PC itself.

  • Sean Hayden

    So if games don’t matter, it all comes down to simplicity and costs right? Because graphics, the experience of the games themselves don’t matter to you, and they shouldn’t to anyone else. That’s what I’m getting from you.

    Take a step back. PC has thousands of dollars just to buy a computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, mouse PAD, speakers, the PC itself with all of its parts. It’s usaaaaally about $1500 just to buy a good one, per se, one that can play BF4 on ULTRA graphics.

    A PS4 (NOT Xbox One, fuck that shit) is $400, see, already 3 times less the price, $100 off 4 times. It can run BF4 on Ultra. It is oh wait, that’s the end of the list.

    Which one is better now? Which one of those two last paragraphs looks like the better deal to you?

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    Well, Diablo III on consoles is a little better and also works in 60fps. As for graphics – they’re identical to me, you won’t see the difference at 1st glance (though, there are ppl who see the difference, but it’s rly tiny). But sure, Diablo 2 was better, at least; it had better climate.

    As for MMOs – there are going to be more and more on PS4, thanks to its infrastructure – DCUO (already on PS3 BTW), Planetside 2, Warframe, War Thunder, The Division, TES Online, Blacklight: Retribution, etc.

    There are RTS and many of RPG games on consoles.

  • zRude

    Sometimes it’s entertaining to argue, even if there was no winning in it. Just like arguing about religions.

  • zRude

    (((Additionally,Jackfrags states that PS3 to PS4 graphics when it comes to Battlefield is “world’s apart and if he had to make a comparison, it would be “Medium” settings on PCs.

    In regards to resolution, he mentions that you “can tell” that it
    wasn’t running in 1080p, but was supposed to be higher than 720p. To
    date, DICE has yet to speak out on what resolution BF4 will be on next-gen consoles; although he does share that “lighting and texture” on the PS4 looked “great.”)))

    Not ultra. And if they decides to pop it up to 1080p. Graphical level is dumbed down to medium.

    Check your facts next time. Since they are not yet even confirmed. Rumor = not a fact.

    But When it comes to PC.You forget all the stuff that you can do in PC and cant do at console. Thus so it is more universal gaming paltform / work station.

    And when game developers are creating a game SOLELY to PC. They do not have to bother them self of the hardware limits.

    Current gen consoles only have raped the quality if PC games too, and held it back. Cause nowdays the money milking game devs wants to make the games on console for some f*cking reason. ( Piracy cannot be the reason, since i know punch of guys who have never bought any games on their x360 / ps3 )

    And still better deal is the PC, since it has more to offer.

  • zRude

    That comment literally overwhelmed with absolute stupidity.

    Dont want no reply to this one.

  • zRude

    No. Since the dev him self did not ant to cut down the resources he wants to put in to the game, taht next gen could not handle.

  • zRude

    Good one…

  • Sean Hayden

    You just did.
    Am I winning?

  • Sean Hayden

    Not sure where you’re getting your info from, but seeing as how KZ Shadow Fall has 290gb running at 1080p native and 60fps with up to 24 enemies on screen before frames drop, I don’t see how they could possibly make BF4 “medium” settings on PC when you can’t even see the pixels on Killzone.

    You’re an idiot to think I’m going to read all of that in your crooked defense.

  • zRude

    Yeah. You won. Here, have an crown of internet stupidity.
    You earned it.

    All hail the king !!!!

  • Sean Hayden

    You replied again.
    And now you’re hailing what is in your eyes someone wearing a crown of internet stupidity.


  • zRude

    Yup. And by replying i did mean those longer proper replies of yours. Not this small talk.

    And yes, i do find that the crown in your silly little head looks just fabulous <3 * farts an rainbow *

  • thenasty007

    New consoles are an underpowered gaming PC. The cpu in the xbox one is not great. I’ve read the graphics may be comparable to a 7850. Anyway, its x86 platform. You are getting a locked down PC.

  • thenasty007

    I’d expect more updates and more patches this time around to. More and more games launch “unfinished”. Day1 patches, day 2 patches. Week 3 patch. Behold the great internet connection.

  • Sean Hayden

    an rainbow…

  • deSSy2724

    The future is multicore/multithreads…… games will be optimized for that, WIi U cant keep up with that.

    Just wait for real next gen games aka ports (PS4/X1/PC).. why no WIi U? PS4/X1/PC are based on DX 11 GPUs (X1 for example uses DX 11.2 and PS4 OpenGL which is eqvivalent to that). Wii U is capable of DX 10 (DX 11 is not possible) but the problem is, the GPU is LOW END. PS3 and 360 GPUs are capable of DX 9 but those GPUs were HIGH END (better than 90% single GPUs PCs back in the day 2005/06). So, in other words…. if you want to fully utilize new shaders etc you need to have a high end GPU, not a low end GPU. PS4 is based on midrange/high end GPU and low/midragne CPU….. Wii U is based on low end CPU and low end GPU (add to that only DX 10).

  • deSSy2724

    Its IBM PowerPC based, not Power7

  • DReview

    If Steam can get a DDR5 somehow that would be incredible.

  • TheRockstarr33

    Half-Life 2? Portal 2? Minecraft? There are tons of examples of good games on the PC, and I feel that they play better on the PC. Either you don’t know a lot of good games or you are kind of an idiot.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    Portal 2 and Minecraft are also on consoles…

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    How could I not see the reply those 10 months ago, you probably thought you won the conversation, how sad.
    Please, list your exclusive list of games that AREN’T: MOBAs, RTS, FPS, MMO, Hack’nSlash games (and aren’t indies). Waiting. Wait, there’s no point in it, because I know there’s NONE.

    So please, tell me how PC is a “perfect” gaming platform for everyone?

  • salgan007

    all consoles still same system inside that all stil PC but size don’t matter I am saying Pc is maker of all gaming even able to play ps4 ps 3 ps 2 ps 1 and xbox same as live >.> pls used your head still same system inside box pc can upgrade it