JJ Abrams reveals the new Star Wars VII X-Wing prototype [not a Z-95 Headhunter]


Update 2: It’s been confirmed that this is the new X-Wing. So HA! Our initial assessment was true, fellow nerds.

Update 1: (see at bottom)

Original article:

OH BOY. What a nice surprise on a Monday morning. In the latest “Force For Change” video, JJ Abrams reveals a prototype for the new X-Wing from Star Wars Episode VII.

While it looks decidedly more “jet” like than the previous version, this could be because more details will be added through CGI, like the actual secondary set of wings that give the vehicle its name and shape.

It still looks pretty dope, and has us all the more excited for any news that eeks out of the film’s production. SDCC is just a few short days away, so maybe we’ll hear more then?

The Force For Change initiative is a charity drive for Unicef that gives fans of the films a bajillion ways to get involved and grab great tiers of prizes, including the chance to be in Episode VII.

Via Force For Change website

Update 1: Though there is a lot of chatter that this could be the new X-Wing, there’s also the distinct possibility that this could be an all-new Headhunter. This new vehicle has a different hull door, twin cannons on the wing tips, and color demarcations than the Z-95, as these are much more similar to what the X-Wing has encompassed in the past. Though, there aren’t twin turbines in this design which, as noted below could be added in post-production as the second set of wings may be too heavy to create in a mock-up. Further guesses are appreciated!

Thanks Matt!

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