Hot Take: Bayonetta redefines ass-kicking on PC

Bayonetta is one of the, if not the, best action games that has come out this decade. Up until now it’s been tied to the last generation of console hardware, including the Wii U port, but Platinum Games has finally allowed it to spread its butterfly wings and fly to the heights it couldn’t previously achieve. Yesterday, Bayonetta was released on Steam with all of the bells and whistles you should come to expect with a PC game. What is even more shocking is that the game runs wonderfully. In a world where gamers have to be wary of buying a port of a console game on their gaming PC’s, Bayonetta becomes the shining example of what a great port looks like.

This PC port runs amazingly well on the low end of PC’s and even better on the higher end. You can crank the resolution all the way up to Ultra 4k and get a super steady 60 FPS no matter WHAT is going on during the hectic fights. The graphics are beautiful and the menu has so many options in there for you to tinker with! If you buy the game now on Steam you get the soundtrack, artbook, icons and exclusive wallpapers. For $20 there is no reason for you to not buy this game.

Everything here just feels so great. Bayonetta is one of my favorite games of all time and this fresh coat of paint just cements that even further, as the game still holds up surprisingly well. Hideaki Kamiya, the director of this game, Devil May Cry and so much more, is the godfather of the action genre. In fact, the recently released NieR:Automata by Yoko Taro shines with new concepts and ideas that Kamiya had originally planted in his games. The main gameplay mechanic that Yoko Taro and the team at Platinum expanded on in NieR:Automata is the dodge mechanic that was introduced in Bayonetta, if you dodge right as the attack is about to hit you teleport to safety and can continue your combo. Besides that NieR:Automata‘s core gameplay is what is represented in Bayonetta, fluid, concise and responsive movement and tight controls. Platinum’s games are always designed from the ground up to play and feel fluid.

Bayonetta is a true classic that has stood the test of time and this definitive experience should be experienced by everyone. Hopefully we can get more Platinum Games’ ports on the PC and people can experience their other classics.

Author: Zach Quest

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