Hot Take: Strikey Sisters

There’s a weird act that most games have to juggle, definitely indie games but also AAA games as well, where you have to have your idea and execute it as clearly and flawlessly as possible. The more simpler the idea, the harder the job you have ahead of you. With a more complex concept you can hide some weaker systems within the game’s mechanics. Strikey Sisters¬†aims for the former, and has a super unique and simple idea that it knocks out of the park. The idea, based on a brick-breaker mechanic, is expanded on in a very unique way by the guys at DYA Studios, a group composed of brothers Alberto and Dani.

The brick breaker genre hasn’t changed much in the years that it has been around. Strikey Sisters shakes that up. In the game you play as two witch sisters, Marie and Elene. You can play the game with a friend via local co-op or you can play solo. Strikey Sisters is simple: you travel around a map and go into areas where you have to break bricks… but, there are also monsters there attacking you. So you have a magical ball and you’re whacking it back and forth not only killing monsters but also the devilish boxes as well. Sometimes monsters will drop items that might turn your ball into fire or give you a powerup to shoot bombs at the enemies. Each branching path ends with a boss fight… yeah, a boss fight. Like, there’s a lady who shoots bees at you, but it’s actually a lot of fun. There are plenty of power ups which change up the pace and can cause a lot of mayhem to be had with the game. The way the back and forth feels is very visceral and engaging. You know in Ocarina Of Time when you’re deflecting magic back at Ganondorf? It feels like that, constantly.

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Strikey Sisters is a game that I think everyone should play if you like small games. Heck, the game is on sale right now on Steam so you have no excuse but to play it. The guys at DYA Games really have somehow made a super solid and exciting co-op or single player experience about breaking boxes.

Author: Zach Quest

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