20 Games Announced at Nintendo’s Nindie Showcase

Nintendo had another Nindie special today, they revealed some new games that will be coming to the console. Most of the games are due to be out by the end of this year and a few others will be coming out in 2018 at some point. There are a few exclusives that got announced as well, which is always good to see for a new console. The list below are the TWENTY games that were announced today!

Super Meat Boy Forever – 2018

Shovel Knight: King of Cards – Early 2018

Mom Hid My Game – 2017, 3DS and Switch

Golf Story – September, Nintendo Switch Exclusive

Floor Kids – Rythm Based Action Game – 2017

Wulver Blade – September, timed exclusive

Poly Bridge – Holiday 2017

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition – Fifth Episode release as well. Early 2018.

Earth Atlantis – Fall 2017

Next Up Hero – Early 2018

Steamworld Dig 2 – September 21st

Mulaka – 2018

Yono and the Celestial Elephants – October 12th Switch Exclusive

Dragon Marked For Death – Winter 2017 Exclusive

Battle Chef Brigade – Winter 2017

Morphies Law – Winter 2017 Switch Exclusive

Sausage Sports Club – Fall 2017

Light Fingers – Co-Op Turn Based board game. Early 2018.

Nine Parchments – Holiday 2017

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes – 2018


Author: Zach Quest

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