Final Fantasy VR ride coming to Universal Studios Japan

Now you can finally see the Cloud v Sephiroth battle that you’ve always wanted.

Square Enix and Universal Studios Japan have announced that they’re bringing a new VR ride experience to the theme park. Final Fantasy XR will have riders don a VR headset while the motion seating they’re in tilts and moves according to the action on the screen. The video takes us through Midgar as the famous Final Fantasy VII battle takes place, though there will be scenes across several Final Fantasy games.

And that’s probably it? We don’t know if there will be any interactivity beyond ducking in your seat or hitting your kid brothers by accident as you wave your arms around, but it could be an interesting experience for fans. The visuals are done by SE’s effects house,┬áVisual Works, so there’s a strong tie to the company (instead of outsourcing the IP).

The experience is a part of Universal Cool Japan, a yearly event that includes other popular Japanese properties, including Sailor Moon and Monster Hunter (which actually seems to give you some type of interactive weapon). Final Fantasy XR and the other rides take place from January 19 to June 24, 2018.

Source: Universal Japan

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

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